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Daddy Take Your Geritol with Drew Broman

Be The One with Dr. Tony Ortega

Release Date: 03/27/2019

Older gay men are often relegated to one of two extremes - fetish for younger folks or cast off as undesirable and forgotten. On this episode, Dr. Tony has a very candid chat about this and what we as older gay men can do about this. Dr. Tony asks Drew very pointed questions on his journey as an erotic model for several photographers. Drew throws Dr. Tony a curveball later in the episode that causes thought provoking discussion on older folks/younger folks dynamics. 


Drew Broman is a 55 yr old survivor of gay life. His passions include Teaching, through his chosen profession of Cosmetology as well as through personal life experiences. He’s been writing all his life and in the last few years has deem discovering and sharing his voice through self expression in front of the camera. He’s curated his first show, “Multiple Perspectives”, one gay man’s journey into self discovery which can be seen Thursday April 4th from 6-9pm at Mwildstudios
in Chelsea nyc