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Free Your Willy with Jonathan Winn

Be The One with Dr. Tony Ortega

Release Date: 04/10/2019

The mere mention of the word sex immediately strikes shame in the hearts and souls of so many. This is particularly evident in the gay community. In this episode, Dr. Ortega and Jonathan have a very raw chat about sex. Jonathan talks about his travels into finding his purpose as a Sacred Intimate and how he wants to promote the healing of shame surrounding sex in the gay community. As you can imagine, the episode is filled with sex fueled discussions and probably more information that you were wanting to know. 

Jonathan Winn is a Sex and Intimacy Coach for Men. With more than a decade experience in the wellness industry, he brings a depth of wisdom and experience to his work. His personal passion is to support the removal of shame from sex, especially within the queer community. He offers private sessions, personal retreats and international group retreats to explore intimacy and deeper connection. For more info, visit jonathandwinn.com