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To Me My X-Men with Michael Reyes

Be The One with Dr. Tony Ortega

Release Date: 05/22/2019

When you hear the word intuition, do you think of some sort of mutant power? Do you feel that intuition is not something you have but others do? Are you scared of your intuition? Do you even know if you are intuitive? Well, Dr. Tony and Michael discuss all things intuition in this episode. They chat about what intuition is and isn't, how to access it, and how it can look like on a day to day perspective. Intuition is not something for someone on the X-Men or for some and not others. It is for everyone. 

Michael Anthony is the Spiritual Life Coach and Intuitive Reader behind TheDivinerLife.com. His clients often recommend him because of his real-world approach to tarot and oracle card readings. He believes that intuition is a tool accessible by all and is dedicated to helping others grow spiritually. One way he does that is though his self-published Oracle Card decks including The Diviner Definitions Oracle and The Small Spirits Oracle. Michael is also an angel expert, crystal enthusiast and Certified American Herbalist.