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026: As One, Part 1: Why Organizational Alignment Matters

The Bill Perry Show

Release Date: 06/11/2019

In this As One podcast series, we talk about why organizational alignment matters.

If the organization or team that you lead is out of alignment around certain critical issues, your experience is going to be a rough ride.

In this episode, we look at the value of creating agreement and alignment around four key concepts.

Know Your Why

In order to engage your team at an optimal level, the team needs to agree around why you are doing what you are doing. Your ‘why’ creates a compelling vision that attracts the engagement of your employees.

What are your values?

For a team to function with minimum drama it is necessary to align around expected behaviors. When everyone agrees to abide by clear stated values there opportunity for dysfunction and drama is significantly reduced.

What are we doing?

This should be the easiest question to answer, but you might be surprised. In the absence of clarity team members often take on tasks and responsibilities that do not contribute to the vision or mission of the team in a profitable way.

Reducing Siloes

An organization needs to be clear on, and aligned around, the greatest challenge facing the team at this moment. Without agreement on this you run the risk of every team member focusing effort on the issue most critical to their area of responsibility. You need the cohesion that occurs when you face challenges as one.

Creativity and Innovation Suffer

Creativity and innovation are two of the first liabilities when a team is not functioning in union with one another. Alignment provides boundaries and clarity that free team members to know what they need to pursue and how much permission and flexibility they have in their process.


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