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028: As One, Part 3: Your Team’s Values and Behaviors

The Bill Perry Show

Release Date: 06/25/2019

In this As One podcast series, we talk about why alignment matters in organizational health.

If the organization or team that you lead is out of alignment around critical issues, your experience is going to be a rough ride.

In this episode, we talk about how your team’s behaviors are accurate representations of your core values, whether you like what you see or not. What you and your team value will always be reproduced in your actions.

Make Your Organization’s Core Values Clear

Have you ever made a long road trip with your kids in the back seat? Do they know what’s expected from them as you drive for hours or days on end, or do you rely on hope that they’ll always do the right thing? What about your team: Do they know what behaviors are expected, or are the values of your organization unclear?

Your Values Should Guide Your Team’s Internal and External Behaviors

Your team will function with much less drama when they agree and align around behaviors that matter to your organization’s vision and personality. Most teams have a list of core values, but they’re often vague. Your team’s values should guide your daily interactions both internally and externally with clients and vendors. They should inform every relational aspect of your business.

CEO to Client: “We’ll Miss You.”

Southwest Airlines is known for nearly militant adherence to its core values, one of which is humor. After a Southwest attendant gave the standard pre-flight safety presentation with the skill of a stand-up comedian, a frequent flier complained to the CEO, threatening to stop flying with Southwest if the behavior continued. The CEO replied with a short note of only three words, “we’ll miss you.” This is an excellent example of how commitment to core values can affect an entire organization’s processes and relationships.

Values that Miss the Mark

If your values are unclear, or they aren’t reflected in your team’s day-to-day behaviors, they’ll breed cynicism and a demoralized workforce. One of Enron’s core values was integrity. It’s hard to believe their team didn’t become cynical and siloed from the lack of integrity.

Alignment Minimizes Drama

Getting clear and aligned around actual behavioral values is one of the most intense exercises in my process with clients—and if the team continues to do the intentional, hard work to rehearse and drive those values throughout the team and processes, this alignment proves to be an extremely valuable tool for the entire organization.

Quit Reaching Over the Seat

If you want to minimize the amount of time you spend dealing with unproductive team behaviors, connect with me for a free, complimentary conversation about our organizational-health process. In less than 30 minutes, you’ll find out if some feedback would be valuable for you and your team.  

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