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030: How to Resist the Hustle, Work Smarter, and Rest

The Bill Perry Show

Release Date: 07/09/2019

049: Developing Emotional Intelligence with Teresa Quinlan show art 049: Developing Emotional Intelligence with Teresa Quinlan

The Bill Perry Show

Emotional intelligence is a skill that is so important to everyone, including those in leadership. My guest this week is Teresa Quinlan. She has over two decades of experience in learning and development, and she has spent the last 15 years training leaders and their teams, giving particular attention to the area of emotional intelligence. On this episode, she helps us understand why we need to develop that area of our lives and how to go about doing it. 

048: Appreciation and Employee Engagement with Jennifer McClure show art 048: Appreciation and Employee Engagement with Jennifer McClure

The Bill Perry Show

Today I’m talking with Jennifer McClure, a former executive recruiter and HR executive who offers a wealth of knowledge on the subject of corporate leadership. Jennifer is here to talk to us about developing corporate leaders and the importance of employee appreciation.  

047: Strategies for Leaders to Enjoy the Holiday Season show art 047: Strategies for Leaders to Enjoy the Holiday Season

The Bill Perry Show

The holiday season is my favorite time of year. I grew up in a great family situation where holidays were marked with extended family time together with good food and great family engagements. However, there is a lot of pressure attached to the holidays. This year, I would encourage you to take a step back and relieve some of that stress during this busy season.

046: Navigating Change with Charles Weathers show art 046: Navigating Change with Charles Weathers

The Bill Perry Show

Today I welcome friend and business leader, Charles Weathers to the show. I've known Charles for some time, and I've benefited from his extensive knowledge of leadership development.  Charles spends time working with nonprofits and faith-based organizations. He loves working with them because they share his heart for the community. He has worked to help these companies with board development, governance, leadership development and strategic planning. 

045: Fixing Work with Laurie Ruettimann show art 045: Fixing Work with Laurie Ruettimann

The Bill Perry Show

I am so pleased to welcome Laurie Ruettimann to the show. Laurie had spent many years in human resources leadership and realized she hated her job. She left her position in HR and is now on a mission to fix work. She has some ideas about what is currently wrong with work and some steps we can take to fix those problems; not only in our workplaces but in our lives as well.

044: Why Leaders and HR Teams Should Consider Podcasting Featuring Danny Ozment show art 044: Why Leaders and HR Teams Should Consider Podcasting Featuring Danny Ozment

The Bill Perry Show

This week I am pleased to have Danny Ozment of Emerald City Productions on the show. Danny is the producer of this podcast and always works hard to make me sound good! Danny and I talk about the creative potential for leaders and human resources teams to utilize the medium of podcasting to drive vision, values and policies through every level of your organization! 

043: Getting to the Heart of Your Message with Mike Kim show art 043: Getting to the Heart of Your Message with Mike Kim

The Bill Perry Show

It’s my pleasure to have my friend, Mike Kim, on the show this week. Mike is a marketing strategist, and his philosophy is, “Marketing isn’t about closing a sale. It’s about opening a relationship.” As we move through this discussion, you will hear that if you don’t love yourself, you’re not going to manage any other relationship around you.

042: Putting People First with Mike Vacanti show art 042: Putting People First with Mike Vacanti

The Bill Perry Show

My guest this week is doing amazing things for people and focusing on the dialogue of moving people forward at work. He has recently begun focusing on the value of humans, creating a community known as HumansFirst. One of the things he has identified is that we are in a current leadership crisis. But he has a potential solution for this.

041: Be Clear, Get Heard! with Steve Woodruff show art 041: Be Clear, Get Heard! with Steve Woodruff

The Bill Perry Show

Today it’s my honor to have a new acquaintance on the show with me. Steve Woodruff has a really interesting title. He is known as the “King of Clarity.” If your organization needs some guidance on getting through all of the “noise” that is out there, this is the episode for you!

040: Owning Your Story: The Value of Vulnerability with Dr. Michael Hudson show art 040: Owning Your Story: The Value of Vulnerability with Dr. Michael Hudson

The Bill Perry Show

This week it is my privilege to have Dr. Michael Hudson on the show. Michael is a full-time speaker, coach, and consultant. He enjoys working with leaders and teams to build their strategic visions. Today we focus on the importance of being true to yourself to be the most effective leader.

More Episodes

In this leadership podcast episode, let’s get real about our productivity-driven hustle culture. To be an effective leader and work smarter not harder, we look to nature for a few best practices. 

Overworked and Under-Rested

Many of the leaders I work with are burning their candles at both ends. They overwork to overproduce, and eventually, they become shortsighted in their problem-solving. This is not intentional; it’s more often a self-preservative effort to maximize production.

Creating Marginal Space

If we’re going to be present and bring our best selves to problem-solving, we must create some marginal white space in our routines. This will afford us greater creativity and collaboration with our co-workers and family.

Nature’s Call

If you find yourself with less and less to offer in the face of increasing demand, nature is calling. Maybe you need to give the land a rest. I’m not talking about vacation. Vacation often becomes just another expression of hustle culture as we attempt to compensate for lost time with family and friends. I’m talking about sabbatical.

Warning: Disruption Ahead

Let me warn you kindly. What I am recommending will be so disruptive that you may find yourself disoriented. We’re so slanted toward our high-productivity hustle culture that any resistance to that mindset will not be well tolerated.

What Hustle Culture Has Taught Us

A recent op-ed piece in the New York Times by Bonnie Tsui, You Are Doing Something Important When You Aren’t Doing Anything, referenced a viral LinkedIn article by Ian Sohn, president of digital marketing agency Wunderman Chicago. Sohn wrote in defense of his vision for a healthier, more humanistic workplace: “I never need to know that you are working from home today because you simply need the silence. I deeply resent how we’ve infantilized the workplace. How we feel we have to apologize for having lives. How constant connectivity/availability (or even the perception of it) has become a valued skill.”

Letting the Land Rest

The ground of your mind, your will, and your emotions need a rest. Nature screams the truth that overworking a piece of land results in steady declines in productivity.

Keys to Success

  1. Be kind to yourself. Start gently with a one-day disconnect. A lengthy sabbatical may be too disruptive if you’ve never intentionally rejected your productivity mindset.

  2. Don’t make this about compensating for lost time in other areas of relationship. Don’t exchange productivity in one area for productivity in another.

  3. Make some room for silence. This is not easy amid excessive technoference. Working through short periods of intentional silence is incredibly restorative. Again, be kind to yourself. Don’t attempt a three-day silent retreat if you’ve never gone more than an hour without noise. Start with thirty minutes.

Radical Resistance

One of my favorite observers of life, Walter Brueggemann, says that sabbath is an act of radical resistance. Observe how quickly your proclivity toward productivity surfaces when you begin to create some space between you and your productive bent. It will attack like a jilted lover!

Keep It Simple

You don’t have to create an extravagant plan for a sabbatical, but intentionality is critical to your process. Take a day and go hike. Sit by a stream. Treat yourself to a long meal.

Tell Me Your Story

If you engage in this radical act of resistance, I’d love to hear your story. Contact me through any of the available channels listed below.

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Until next time, lead well!



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