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031: Better Together, Part 1- Your Team Is Created for Collaboration

The Bill Perry Show

Release Date: 07/16/2019

In this series, let’s discuss the value of working as a community and collaborating as a team. This first episode is an invitation to think differently about how we approach work and enhance our organization’s development, creativity, and innovation.

The Biggest Challenge

Speaking to a large group recently, I asked the question, “What’s the biggest challenge facing your organization right now?” Their answer: “They expect us to do more with fewer people.” This leadership approach is pivoting employees toward isolation and loneliness.

Individual workloads are so heavy in most organizations that there is very little time to consider how to do teamwork; how to effectively collaborate.

Employees are Wired for Collaboration

Our history and physiology both attest to the benefits of working and doing life together. While herds and prides promote survival, today’s work culture encourages a divide and conquer mentality. We’re seeing an alarming separation, and unknowingly, we may even be feeding staggering rates of suicide. The generation coming behind us sees very little hope for a fulfilling future.

Some companies get it—they recognize team performance above individual contributions. But there is a need for both. People need the affirmation of individual recognition, but we must simultaneously encourage collaboration and connection by rewarding teams as a group.

There Is a Cost to Team Collaboration—and Benefits

To facilitate greater connection and team collaboration, you may need to reduce workloads to make room for people to come out from under their individual obligations. Profitability and margins may suffer; costs may creep. But there is a much larger cost if we continue to sacrifice the collaborative part of our nature on the altar of efficiency.

On the flip-side, more collaboration encourages creativity and innovation; it’s the fruit of a well-rested, healthy team.

Take Courage

Have a courageous conversation with your team, your spouse, or even your friends. Ask the question, “What would it take for us to experience the value of being better together?”


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