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Rising from Resignation Part 3

The Bill Perry Show

Release Date: 02/05/2019

Resignation is the primary symptom of disengagement, both personally and professionally. We’re continuing to look at the idea of resignation-the acceptance of something undesirable, but seemingly inevitable. And, the good news that you don’t have to live with that pain.

Resignation and despair often find their conception in ‘settling.’ Settling is the idea of being okay with just being okay.

For many of you, in repeated bouts in the ring with resignation you have silenced the voices of dissension, those small signals from deep inside that tell you something isn’t right. You’re not satisfied. You might be settling...  I see it every day. You settle for work experiences that are not fulfilling. You settle for relationships that are functional at best. And they keep pushing down the internal voices of dissent.

The problem with our silencing efforts is that they are often subtly self-destructive. We usually silence with some kind of addiction. Food, alcohol, re-doubling our efforts at work, affairs, television, fantasy novels. It doesn’t have to be illegal to constitute a counterfeit.

In this episode, I share some of my own story of realizing that I had reached a place of settling, and the move I made to shift into a new role.

I offer you three strange questions, courtesy of my friend Mike Kim, that will give you resource for piercing the fog that is obscuring your passion.

Here’s a link to Mike’s podcast where he introduces those questions. You’ll love his stuff too.

Rising from resignation means living from the inside out. Your actions are determined on deeply held convictions and values. It requires being willing to wrestle with the rumblings when something “just doesn’t feel quite right.”

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