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012: Leaders, Be Good to Yourself, Part 3

The Bill Perry Show

Release Date: 03/05/2019

We’re continuing our leadership skills series, and we’re focused on why you, the leader, need to take care of yourself first. Healthy teams require healthy leaders.  

In this episode, we unpack leadership self-care tip #3: the critical importance of a good night’s sleep. 

Healthy, effective leadership depends upon your getting quality, neurochemical-reset sleep. Without it, certain biochemical balances in your body—balances that are strategic to your emotional capacity and critical thinking—are impacted.  

Unfortunately, 60% of us report poor-quality sleep, and it’s affecting our leadership. 

Think you’re good? Not all sleep is created equal. Research shows, to get the full health benefits of a good night’s rest, you need to move through four complete sleep cycles, and you need a minimum of 6 to 6.5 hours to do that.  

You can sleep eight hours and not move through four compete cycles. It’s the quantity and the quality of sleep that are key to maximizing your internal reset and optimizing your brain function.  

In this episode, we offer a few tips to help fix what’s disrupting your cyclical sleep process. Good sleep goes a long way toward helping you be more aware of and present to those around you. That one thing will help improve your relationships in life and leadership.  

I’d love to hear your questions, thoughts and comments. If you have a minute, drop me a line on social or email me with your name and questions, and I’ll take some time in an upcoming episode to address some of your organizational and leadership challenges! 

As always, my hope is to encourage you in the pursuit of a better you, better team, better business, and better life!