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BindTortureKast-Episode 101-Tales Of A Halloween Resurrection


Release Date: 10/15/2015

Hello guys and gals, and welcome to BindTortureKast, episode 101!


You thought we were actually hanging it up?

Haven't you learned by now? I like to fuck with people. It's true.

So, we lied.  Kind of.  We never really went away, but we are starting over.  Kind of.  Think of it as BTK 2.0, or whatever makes you feel better about this whole mess.

We are going to be trying a few new things, cutting away some of the dead flesh that made the show less-listenable, and hopefully delivering even better shows for all of you fabulous fuckers! Expect some ongoing changes to the format (until we get it "right"), beginning with this episode.  Speaking of "this episode", HAPPY HALLOWEEN and as a way to get into the spooky mood of our favorite holiday, we are bringing you our reviews of the new VOD film, "Tales Of Halloween".  Its horror, an anthology, and centered around Halloween.  What's not to love (or at the very least, look forward to)?  Also, we decided to try something that we have been wanting to do for quite some time...thats right, we recorded in the same damn room.  Like, together.  Looking at each others faces.  It was horrible.  Anyways, the sound quality may be a little off, but that is because I am a good host and allowed Luke and Steve to sit in front of the mic, while I sat off in the darkness.  What a nice guy.  It is all good though, as nobody wants to hear me anyway.  You come for the fun, but you stay for the LUKE!  Thanks for your support as we once again begin this podcast.  The first steps are always the most awkward, but stagnation is lethal!  Be sure to hit us up on Facebook ("Bind Torture Kast") in the coming weeks, and let us know what you think of the new-ish show!

Music On This Episode (in order of appearance)

“Reborn By The Seed Of Death” Dead Silent Slumber

“October’s Monody”-In Vain

“Tall Tales”-Stolen Babies