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Buyer Personas with Sara Larsen - Episode #001

Business Development: Discussions with a Millennial

Release Date: 01/10/2019

In this episode we talk about Buyer Personas and the importance of of using them within sales. During this episode you will notice we talk about some questions that should be asked in a buyer persona and also the tips and techniques that should be used. Sara discusses about the success she has had from using the buyer personas and why we need to differentiate the buyer persona for sales use compared to marketing. “Why Buyer Personas matters to sales” - Sara Larsen written article. 8 minutes in we start to discuss some questions you should ask in regards to buyer personas. We discuss about continuously learning and figuring things out to make sure that we are not a Sham or that people discover we are a sham.


18:10 Why do we do interviews Buyer Personas?

  1. Figuring out the facts
  2. Get to know your clients better
  3. What information do you need


Have all departments involved in the buying persona process not just the marketing, the people who speak with the customers more need to be involved (CS & Sales).


At the 21:00 point Sara is sharing her screen and showing her Buyer Persona, it can be seen in our video here:


Sell to the people you know how to sell to and who you enjoy talking to. Know the customer’s limit of their budget. Understand the customers role of their social media, is it effective to connect with them over certain platforms. Ask about the person’s tasks within their role, each company and person is different. Know what they are measured on. Adapting your business based on the person. Understand who has more important of an influence in getting the decision maker to decide to move forward with the purchase. Base your discovery call on the buyer persona, create questions around those answers that you need. Pick your mostly represented type of customer as your main buyer personas to make sure you are getting a good grasp of average customer. We discuss if there needs to be different buyer personas based on different industries. The 3 different types of buyer personas. Know what type of companies you sell to.


Where to learn more:

"Buyer Personas: How to Gain Insight into your Customer's Expectations, Align your Marketing Strategies, and Win More Business" By Adele Revella