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Everyday She's Hustlin' with Camila Bousquet - Episode #002

Business Development: Discussions with a Millennial

Release Date: 01/10/2019

The 5ft Beast herself is here to talk about her stories that got her to where she is today. Growing her involvement within helping people eager to learn more about business with GenM. At 4:00 Explains what GenM is. People are seeking out education by their own means rather than searching out a specific educational institute. Camila talks about her mindset behind business hustle and what it took her to get to that point. Surround yourself with people who are greater than you, always look to learn from others.


We talk about the importance of being a hustler, what it takes to become one. Being a solution finder in a sea of problem finders will differentiate you from everyone else. Be sure to take care of yourself will allow you to be completely functional as a hustler, take important breaks. Hustle is not working extensive hours but being completely focused on your tasks and putting all the energy into that specific task. Mental Bandwidth - check out the book at this link. Be sure to look into Camila’s LinkedIn to see her article on the recommended books. I reference a podcast that will be released after this podcast but it was recorded before (no, I am not a time traveller).


Camila quote “your beliefs become your thoughts, your thoughts become your words, your words become your actions, your actions become your habits, your habits become your values, your values become your destiny


Some work best by hustling less, but could really unleash their full potential. We discuss why it is important to understand how your personality matches a companies culture. Know yourself



"Scarcity: Why Having Too Little Means So Much" by Sendhil Mullainathan 

"To Sell is Human" by Daniel Pink

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