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232 - Adam Becker

Creative + Cultural

Release Date: 10/02/2018

A live recording of our educational podcast The Grammar of Science and Technology with Adam Becker. Adam Becker is a physicist and science writer. He has written for the BBC and New Scientist, and has also recorded a video series with the BBC.  Adam earned a PhD in astrophysics from the University of Michigan and a BA in philosophy and physics from Cornell. He is currently a visiting scholar at UC Berkeley’s Office for History of Science and Technology; he lives in Oakland, California. Produced in partnership with Chapman University, Institute for Quantum Studies.  
  The Grammar of Science and Technology In 1902, Albert Einstein gifted a book, Karl Pearson’s The Grammar of Science, to his colleagues to start a conversation about the universe. Expanding on that conversation, we invite a variety of experts to share the stories behind landmark advancements and discoveries in the fields of science and technology. Recorded in front of a live audience at the 1888 Center, this educational program is designed as a series of brief explorations into our natural world and the human ability to manipulate it. In partnership with Chapman University and Ingram Micro. 1888 Center programs are recorded and archived as a free educational resource on our website or with your favorite podcast app including Apple and Spotify. Each episode is designed to provide a unique platform for industry innovators to share stories about art, literature, music, history, science, or technology. Produced in partnership with Brew Sessions. Producers: Trevor Allred and Kevin Staniec Manager: Sarah Becker Host: Trevor Allred Guest: Adam Becker Audio: Brew Sessions Live 1888 Center Podcast music composed and performed by Dan Reckard