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The BluzNdaBlood Show #295, New Blues Blast!

The BluzNdaBlood Blues Radio Show

Release Date: 08/30/2018

Intro Song,
Johnny & The Headhunters, “Body And Fender Man”, That’s All I Need

First Set
Victor Wainwright And The Train, “Train”, Self Titled
Frank Bey, “Back In Business”, Back In Business
Bryan Lee, “Fight For The Light”, Sanctuary

Second  Set –
Jeremiah Johnson, “Straightjacket”, Straightjacket
Keith Stone and Red Gravy, “At That The Blues”, Blues With A Taste of New Orleans
Big Harp George, “Alternative Facts”, uptown cool

Third  Set – WIB
Gina Sicilia, “Brighter Day”, Heard The Lie
Kara Grainger, “Working My Way Back Home”, Living With Your Ghost
Vanessa Collier , “Honey Up”, Honey Up

Fourth  Set –
Anthony Geraci, “Fly On The Wall”, why did you have to go
J.P. Soars, “Sure As Hell Ain’t Foolin’ Me”, Southbound I-95
The Bruce Katz Band, “Beef Jerky”, Get Your Groove

Thanks to Michael Allen from the Crossroads Blues Gallery

Shout Outs!

Thanks to Linda from Sarasota Florida for touching base! She said: “Show #294 really kicks ass!! It is one of my all time favorites! What a great selection of tunes! Happy Retirement!”

Looking forward to judging at the Central Virginia Blues Society’s blues challenge soon! Always a tough thing to do, but a necessary thing to do so the CVBS can send their best to Memphis for the IBCs! Honored to be a part of it!