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Episode 13 -"Bombast at the Movies: Prometheus with Janine"

Bombast Podcast

Release Date: 06/29/2012

Phil, Matt, and Janine go watch Prometheus, Ridleys Scott's Alien prequel film and record their reactions the same night.  Before we talk about the movie we talk about the current film trailers, including The Watch,  Flight featuring Denzel Washington, The House at the End of the Street, The Amazing Spider-man, and the uses of montage in the other spider-man movies
The Dark Knight Rises, and move from there to discussing The Situation from Jersey Shore as Spider-Man.  We discuss Prometheus in the context of Alien (1979) and Aliens (1986), Noomi Rapace vs. Sigourney Weaver, Michael's Fassbender's performance here and his performance in X-Men:First Class as Magneto,  and our problems of both the major and nitpick variety with the movie.  Also, at long last, we uncover Phil's hatred of the metric system.  After the movie, share the first installment of Bombast Radio Theatre with a dramatic reading of the unproduced Catwoman screenplay written by Daniel Waters.  We react to a musical request, and share some heartfelt music that we found.  Finally, we wrap up by playing a game of "would you rather?" that you can participate in, if you so choose.