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Book Vs Movie "Logan's Run" (1976) Michael York, Jenny Agutter & Farrah Fawcett

Book Vs Movie Podcast

Release Date: 07/30/2021

Book Vs Movie Book Vs Movie "In a Lonely Place" (1950) Humphrey Bogart & Gloria Grahame

Book Vs Movie Podcast

The film noir classic was directed by Nicholas Ray and stars Humphrey Bogart and Gloria Grahame based on the novel by Dorothy B. Hughes. Considered a bit of a flop at the time, it is now considered a classic a love has gone wrong duo and the loneliness of post-WWII LA.

Book Vs Movie Book Vs Movie "AI: Artificial Intelligence" (2001) Haley Joel Osment & Jude Law

Book Vs Movie Podcast

The Margos talk about "AI: Artificial Intelligence" on the 20th anniversary of its release. Directed by Steven Spielberg and based on a Brian Aldiss short story, the film was originally a project for Stanley Kubrick. Stars Haley Joel Osment, Jude Law, and William Hurt.

Book Vs Movie Book Vs Movie "A Face in the Crowd" (1957) Andy Griffith & Patricia Neal

Book Vs Movie Podcast

The original story, Your Arkansas Traveler, was featured in a collection from Some Faces in the Crowd by Budd Schulberg and published in 1953. The 1957 movie directed by Elia Kazan stars Andy Griffith as Lonesome Rhodes, a thoroughly terrible man in a humble performance that fools millions. No, this is not a documentary!

Book Vs Movie Book Vs Movie "Dangerous Liaisons" (1988) Glenn Close & John Malkovich

Book Vs Movie Podcast

The Margos get a little sexy and wicked with this 1782 “libertine novel” from Pierre Chodlerlos de Laclos, a French writer and Army General who ten years before the French Revolution published four volumes of “Les Liaisons dangereuses” about a pair of manipulative rivals in the bourgeoisie. Also, we discuss the 85 play and the 1988 film by Stephen Frears with John Malkovich, Glenn Close, & Michelle Pfeiffer

Book Vs Movie Book Vs Movie "Heartburn" (1986) Nora Ephron, Meryl Streep & Jack Nicholson

Book Vs Movie Podcast

The Margos talk about the fascinating life of writer/director Nora Ephron who was taught to treat everything in life "as copy." In this show, we compare the 1983 novel "Heartburn" and the major changes made to the 1986 Mike Nichols adaptation. Nora was married to Carl Bernstein ("All the Presidents Men" and their son Jacob Bernstein directed the documentary "Everything is Copy." We also talk about Mike Nichols and the Mark Harris bio.

Book Vs Movie Book Vs Movie "Almost Famous" (2000) Kate Hudson & Billy Crudup

Book Vs Movie Podcast

The Margos discuss the writing and directing career of Cameron Crowe who was a teenager when he started writing for Rolling Stone magazine in the 70s. He based 2000's "Almost Famous" on his days with The Allman Brothers and has some of the best actors in the business in this film. Kate Hudson, Frances McDormand, and Philip Seymour lead an all-star cast. Hudon & McDormand earned Academy Award noms. Cameron Crowe won for best screenplay.

Book Vs Movie Book Vs Movie "Dog Day Afternoon" (1976) Al Pacino

Book Vs Movie Podcast

The Margos talk about the true crime story of John Wojtowicz (called Sonny Wortzik and played in "Dog Day Afternoon" by Al Pacino) who robbed a bank with two others on August 22, 1972, in #Brooklyn. He claimed to commit a crime as an act of love for his wife. The story gets more unusual and it's all true! Director Sidney Lumet's masterpiece!

Book Vs Movie Book Vs Movie "Logan's Run" (1976) Michael York, Jenny Agutter & Farrah Fawcett

Book Vs Movie Podcast

The Margos go back to Sci-Fi with Logan's Run. The original story from William F. Nolan & George Clayton Johnson came out in 1967 and the film starring Michael York, Jenny Agutter & Farrah Fawcett was released in the summer of 1976. The CBS TV series aired for one season in 1977. Which version did we like best? Have a listen to find out!

Book Vs Movie Book Vs Movie "Legally Blonde" (2001) Reese Witherspoon

Book Vs Movie Podcast

Screenwriters Karen McCullah Lutz and Kirsten Smith spent two weeks at Stanford Law School in 2000 to get a flavor of what campus life is like. Reese Witherspoon spent hundreds of dollars on a bar tab for a group of sorority girls to pick up their lingo and a movie was created. 

Book Vs Movie Book Vs Movie "The War of the Worlds" (2005) H.G. Wells, Tom Cruise, & Steven Spielberg

Book Vs Movie Podcast

In this episode, we focus more on 2005’s The War of the Worlds directed by Spielberg which stars Tom Cruise, Dakota Fanning, and Tim Robbins and is set in New Jersey and New England. Two other members of the cast were in the 1953 adaptation--Ann Robinson and Gene Barry. 

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Book Vs Movie: “Logan’s Run”

The Cult Classic Novel & Film That Inspired Generations of SciFi Fans 

Imagine living in a world where you can live as free as you please, but you have to allow yourself to be killed at 21 (or 30?) This dystopian tale comes from two science fiction authors, William F. Nolan and George Clayton Johson in 1976 with Logan’s Run. Logan is a “Sandman” who chases “runners” who wish to escape their creepy fate. 

The original story was inspired by the turbulent campus life in the 1960s and caught the imagination of SciFi fans everywhere. The setting is 2116, and from the “Little War,” it was decided that in order for earth to survive, the population needed to be kept artificially down. People live with a “palm flower” that changes color as they age. When they hit 21, it is called their ‘last day” and to report to “Sleepshop.” It is there they are killed using a pleasure-increasing toxic gas. 

Logan being a Deep Sleep Operative, he can tell when people are trying to escape their fate and run to a free land called “Sanctuary.” He uses a gun called a “homer” because it can “home” their body heat and evaporate them. Sandmen also use martial arts and generally have no sympathy for runners. 

Logan’s love interest in “Jessica 6” distrusts him at first but eventually along with Logan’s friend Francis they off to the Sanctuary. Francis, it turns out, is an oldster of 42 whose palm flower malfunctioned and he got by with plastic surgery to change his appearance Jessica and Logan are then sent off on a rocket outside of Mars to start their lives over. 

The 1976 movie stars Michael York as Logan 5 and Jenny Agutter as Jessica 6. The movie changes the maximum age to 30 and this time the “last dayers” end their lives in a game called the “Carrousel” which causes them to evaporate in front of an audience. 

In 2274, every person is implanted with a “life clock” that shows their age. Logan 5 and his friend Francis 7 are both Sandmen who one day kill a runner who had an “ankh” jewelry symbol. Turns out this symbol is for people who are looking for “Sanctuary” and that is how he identifies Jessica 6. 

They go on the run together and there is quite a bit of wackiness with a robot named Box who wants to freeze and eat them, Washington DC mossed over and an old man with cats who wants to help them. There are also sexy costumes and special effects which were considered a big deal at the time. (Wow!) 

So, between the original novel and the movie--which did we prefer? Have a listen and find out! 

In this ep the Margos discuss:

  • The journey of the 1967 story to the 1976 movie
  • Biggest changes between book & movie
  • The 1977 TV series that surprisingly did not take off
  • The special effects of the time
  • The cast: Michael York (Logan 5,) Jenny Agutter (Jessica 6,) Richard Jordan (Francis 7,) Roscoe Lee Browne (Box voice), Farrah Fawcett-Majors (Holly 13), and Peter Ustinov as the Old Man. 

Clips used:

  • Logan decides to run
  • Logan’s Run trailer
  • “The Carousel” 
  • Logan procures Jessica 6 
  • Jessica and Logan meet “The Box”
  • Music by Jerry Goldsmith

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