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Kate and Linda - Two women committed to empowering survivors

Broken to Brilliant's Voice of Survivors Podcast

Release Date: 03/22/2024

Thanks, Sam Stewart and Pebble in the Pond podcast that hopes to create a ripple of change for mental health.

Sam invited Linda and Kate to be interviewed, as lived experience speakers for domestic violence for the Charity Broken to Brilliant.

When escaping domestic violence, survivors can be faced with many challenges, including needing to establish financial independence and find safe housing.

Two women committed to empowering survivors are guests on Pebble in the Pond.

 Tune in to hear Sam chat with Kate and Linda, about how Broken to Brilliant was formed, its success, and future plans.

Hosted by the Australian & New Zealand Mental Health Association, we are committed to progressing the understanding of mental health for the benefit for all.

Listen here Pebbles in the Pond Podcast