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Episode 133: The Burning Man 2022 Pre-playa Planner

Burner Podcast

Release Date: 08/20/2022

Roadtrip to Burning Man 2024 show art Roadtrip to Burning Man 2024

Burner Podcast

The Annual Pre Playa Planner™ For this year’s annual Pre Playa Planner, Arash joins Dusty Bottoms, Fantastic Sam, Nikki Darling in Long Beach, CA to geek out about all things Burning Man 2024. As always, this is the episode where Arash outsources all the real work to the his guests. The group chats about art projects we’re eager to see, dance floors we love and experiences we’re looking forward to diving into as well as some semi-valuable survival tips for your so called ‘vacation’ in the inhospitable Nevada Black Rock Desert. Episode 153 Recorded in Long Beach, CA on July 13, 2024...

A Burning Man Audio Time Capsule show art A Burning Man Audio Time Capsule

Burner Podcast

A collection of voices recorded at Burning Man 2016 Cabina Exuro was a Burner Podcast-sponsored art project designed by Ramiro Martinez Jr. that went to Black Rock City in 2016. Externally, it appeared as a triambic icosahedron sculpture, adorned with intricate laser-cut patterns and LED lights. Upon closer inspection, participants discovered an entryway that transported them into a 1940s-era radio station set, where they were invited to become radio guests and answer prompts which were recorded and saved to be shared someday in the future. About 100 Burners stumbled upon this unique project...

An Ego Can’t Build a Temple show art An Ego Can’t Build a Temple

Burner Podcast

An Ego Can’t Build a Temple Glitter Kitty embraces community and shadow work in her vision for Burning Man 2024’s Temple of Together Lebanese-bred and Brazil-born Caroline Ghosn learned to place a high value on deep connections from an early life lived in a larger variety of cities than your average childhood. The “activist entrepreneur” became Glitter Kitty in 2015 and has brought to the playa the sculptures Do Not Cross and Disturb My Slumber, paving the way for arguably her greatest feat, Burning Man’s 2024 Temple of Together. Arash interviews Caroline in April 2024, just as the...

Ten Years: A Burner Podcast Memoire show art Ten Years: A Burner Podcast Memoire

Burner Podcast

Ten Years: A Burner Podcast Memoire Arash reflects on a decade of Burning Man, the Burner community and Burner Podcast Arash recorded the interview portion of the very first episode of Burner Podcast before attending his first Burning Man. With the transformative nature of Burning Man baked into the show, Arash reflects on a decade of growth, adventure and community. Unlike any previous editions of the show, this milestone episode features a solo scripted memoire by the host in six chapters: The Call, The Refusal, The Road, The Abyss, The Change and The Return. Recorded in Las Vegas, NV, April...

Scientifically Proven Quantum Manifestation? show art Scientifically Proven Quantum Manifestation?

Burner Podcast

Scientifically Proven Quantum Manifestation? Dr. Kim Perkins and Arash talk spirituality and science For the first new episode of 2024 Arash welcomes back one of the Kims (from episode 140) for a fun conversation about the intersection of spirituality and science. In addition to holding the honor of being Arash’s previous housemate, Dr. Kim Perkins is an organizational psychologist with a PhD in positive psychology. Arash and Kim dive into topics often brushed off as 'hippie stuff,' exploring their academic backing and practical applications. The episode closes with a portion of DJ Maxx...

Christmas in Vegas show art Christmas in Vegas

Burner Podcast

Episode 148: Christmas in Vegas A Dispatch from Las Vegas with Snarky Santa Arash gets to know a different side of Las Vegas with Randy Winsett AKA Snarky Santa. A father, anarchist, cancer butt kicker and host of Shouting Fire’s SIR Radio, Randy brings a mix of deep insight and irreverent humor to this episode, serving as the de facto co-host for Arash’s Las Vegas adventure. In a conversation at least five years in the making, we'll explore Randy’s roots in Oklahoma, nerd out on that #radiohostlife, explore the Las Vegas Burner community and dissect the existential lessons of cancer....

Sarge’s Orders show art Sarge’s Orders

Burner Podcast

Episode 147: Sarge’s Orders Torrey Pines Smith of Sextant fame goes full tech bro Join Arash for a delightful reunion with Torrey Pines Smith, affectionately known as Sarge from Sextant camp. Life's taken some turns for Torrey since his last appliance on Episode 72. He's embraced being family man and launched into entrepreneurial life with his startup, Endiatix. From the dust of BRC to shaping a venture capital firm, Arash explores with Torrey topics of transformation and evolution, wrapped in the spirit of the Burner community. Delve into the world of 'liquid smooth, organic robotics,' a...

Black Astronaut show art Black Astronaut

Burner Podcast

Episode 146: Black Astronaut Kamal X on love, rage and photography Dive into the world of photographer Kamal X. In this episode, host Arash sits down with Kamal in after as showing of one of his pieces to discuss his powerful book, "Black Astronaut," a culmination of three years of deep work capturing America’s chapter of protest. Kamal shares his experiences of global travel and how these adventures have influenced his approach to photography. The turning point in Kamal's career came from a moment of clarity at Burning Man, which profoundly impacted his life’s direction. The conversation...

Stupider Than Burning Man show art Stupider Than Burning Man

Burner Podcast

Episode 145: Stupider Than Burning Man Bat Country blazes a trail of mischief through Black Rock City Gather for a summit with the infamous Bat Country, a camp that emerged from the dust and has grown into a global community. Arash is joined by Handful, Begley, and Kip as they embark on a journey back to their crew’s beginnings, from the Mad Max-esque early days of Burning Man to the current LED-infused Black Rock City. We’re treated to an array of stories, including their participation in New Mexico’s SunBurn and the founding of West Virginia’s Frostburn. The conversation begins with...

The Burn You Need show art The Burn You Need

Burner Podcast

Episode 144: The Burn You Need The Super Official Post Burning Man 2023 Official Recap with Halcyon Mud Man, Raining Man, Mud Burn or whichever other remix of the name you’re into, it is pretty much collectively agreed that Burning Man 2023 was a doozy! Arash and Halcyon reunite for their annual post Burning Man recap. Topics include the privilege of getting to attend Burning Man, dealing with mud in the portos, Diplo-gate and how it was definitely better next year. This interview was recorded on September 9, 2023 in San Diego, California hugnation.com Photo by Mark Fromson @autobiographica ...

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Athena Demos, Ginger Fox and Haley Who geek out about Waking Dreams

The annual Pre-playa Planner returns after a two year hiatus. Athena Demos, Ginger Fox and Haley Who share which art projects they're eager to see, some thoughts on what they're excited about experiencing at Burning Man 2022 and a few insider tips and tricks on elevating the whole experience. No closing set this time! But what we do have is a bunch of links to explore and music to jam out to on your trip to Black Rock City.

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