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Ep172: Do You Need Beta Readers?

Notes in the Margin

Release Date: 05/17/2019

Ep344: Because You Want To show art Ep344: Because You Want To

Notes in the Margin

Why are you doing what you do? Writing what you write? Creating what you create? Vicky asked herself this recently and realised she wasn’t enjoying herself. Tune in this week and listen to Vicky and Joe talk about creativity, different types of intelligence, the reasons we do the things we do, and why we should be feeding our souls as well as our bank accounts.   Key Takeaways: [1:45] Vicky is feeling a bit flat lately.  [3:15] What’s the whole point?  [6:40] The online marketing space is very unoriginal. Everyone is just following the other person.  [10:00] As...

Ep343: In the Loupe with Karl Walker-Finch show art Ep343: In the Loupe with Karl Walker-Finch

Notes in the Margin

This week, Vicky interviews dentist extraordinaire, Dr. Karl Walker-Finch, about his new book In the Loupe. Dr. Karl and Vicky worked together in the early stages of writing his book — and he released it into the wild this month! Listen in and find out about Dr. Karl’s writing process, how he approached the structure, what he enjoyed and what he found challenging, and why music features so heavily in a book about the world of dentistry.   A little bit about Dr. Karl: Dr. Karl Walker-Finch is a dentist, mentor, lecturer, writer, father, personal development champion and mental...

Ep342: Finding Joy in Writing show art Ep342: Finding Joy in Writing

Notes in the Margin

Join Vicky and Joe as they talk about — well, frankly, it’s a bit of a shambles this week. But they do talk about finding joy in writing, how we get distracted by stuff we think we should be doing, and how to spark a little joy and write something wonderful. This episode contains nuts and also a story in which Vicky asks, “But why are we going shopping? Why is this fun?”   Key Takeaways:   [7:15] Vicky loves reading and helping people write books that break the traditional rules. [8:55] Dingle update!  [11:30] Vicky has been feeling a bit burned out lately. ...

Ep341: Jon McCulloch’s Epic Book Funnel show art Ep341: Jon McCulloch’s Epic Book Funnel

Notes in the Margin

Join Vicky as she chats to her very very old mentor Jon McCulloch, aka the Evil Bald Genius, about how he’s actually a very kind fluffy bunny and not at all evil, and also about his books. We dig into why he wrote his books and, crucially, how’s he’s using them to grow his business. So if you’re writing a book you hope is going to help you grow your business, this is a must-listen episode. You’ll get everything you need inside. Enjoy!   Key Takeaways:   [2:05] A little bit about Jon and his latest book!  [3:45] What is Jon’s book about?  [6:10] Why did Jon...

Ep340: MicroBook Magic Author Showcase Part 2 show art Ep340: MicroBook Magic Author Showcase Part 2

Notes in the Margin

We’re back for part 2 of the MicroBook Magic Author Showcase! Hurrah! Party! This week, we’ll hear from Sarah Milne, Yinka Ewuola, and Sharon Blue as they read from their upcoming MicroBooks. If you’d like to join us for Season 3 of MicroBook Magic and write your own book by May Day, check the link in the show notes!   Key Takeaways:   [1:20] A little bit about Sarah and her microbook!  [4:50] Sarah reads a bit of her microbook.  [12:15] A little bit about Yinka and why she decided to write this book.  [23:15] Remember to keep writing! The world needs your...

Ep339: MicroBook Magic Author Showcase Part 1 show art Ep339: MicroBook Magic Author Showcase Part 1

Notes in the Margin

This week, join us for a MicroBook special! To celebrate the end of MicroBook Magic Season 2, Vicky hosted an Author Showcase for MicroBook authors to read a snippet from their upcoming books. Join us for part 1 this week, as we hear all about what a MicroBook actually is, then listen to Hillary Weiss, Clara Callís Lewis, Sara Walka, and Sophie Blackmore entertain and delight us. Enjoy!   Key Takeaways:   [3:30] Is a big book too daunting for you? That’s okay! Write a microbook. [5:45] Hillary talks about the microbook that she created.  [8:15] Hillary reads a snippet...

Ep338: Our Robot Overlords (AI for Writers) show art Ep338: Our Robot Overlords (AI for Writers)

Notes in the Margin

This week, Vicky and Joe welcome our robot overlords with open arms! If you can sit through the first 10 minutes of extremely low-quality discussion about what AI is, from two people who don’t really understand it, you’ll be rewarded with a useful second half. Your hosts share several ways writers can use AI to make their lives easier — and talk about why we won’t ever replace human art with AI art.   Key Takeaways:   [5:40] Is Quora worth it? [6:30] Project Dingle update! [8:10] Welcome to our robot overloads!  [12:10] AI doesn’t work for a lot of people. ...

Ep337: 7 Things I Wish I Knew 11 Years Ago About Writing Nonfiction Books show art Ep337: 7 Things I Wish I Knew 11 Years Ago About Writing Nonfiction Books

Notes in the Margin

This week, after waxing lyrical about septic tanks, and reading excerpts from a wonderful little MicroBook, Vicky and Joe dive into life and writing lessons learned over the past 11 years. Basically, some of the most important stuff Vicky could’ve done with knowing before she started. Here it is for you, so you don’t have to faff around before you write your book.   Key Takeaways:   [3:40] Always buy books! [4:20] Joe read that some people felt relieved when they threw their books away. How dare they! [7:30] Project Dingle update! [12:20] What does Vicky wish she had learned...

Ep336: 5 Weird Things You Can Do To Boost Creativity show art Ep336: 5 Weird Things You Can Do To Boost Creativity

Notes in the Margin

Come and get weird with Vicky and Joe! This week, your hosts investigate a few ways you can mix it up and get more creative. This episode contains: knitting, bad haikus, interpretative dance, Brazilian Jiu Jitsu, magic magnets, cuttlefish, and cat sneezes. It’s better than it sounds, so listen up!   Key Takeaways:   [5:10] Project Dingle Update! [7:30] How can you get weird?  [8:15] Eavesdrop in other people’s conversations.  [15:00] Find a creative hobby to boost and inspire your mind. [20:15] Take a long train journey and explore! [25:00] An author decided to run...

Ep335: RePod: What If? show art Ep335: RePod: What If?

Notes in the Margin

Around this time last year, Vicky and Joe talked about the power of What If? And also ludicrously expensive oak doors, poo disasters, and why shoes in the house are UNACCEPTABLE. This topic is just as relevant now, so we’ve put it out again. What if you tried this thing? What if... you wrote your book? Tune in and get the pep talk you’ve been waiting for.   Key Takeaways:   [6:40] Casa Dingle update! Lots of poo happening. [9:40] What if you made your own door? What if you just….did? [12:05] It can be so easy to compare yourself to what you can’t yet do, but look at the...

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Vicky lisps her way through this week's podcast. No, she's not drunk – yet… If you want to know why she's suddenly developed a speech impediment, tune in. You'll hear Joe's top tip about fitting skirting boards, and why that's relevant to your business. And, of course, you'll discover if you actually do need beta testers for your book, new product, or new service – and how to get the best out of them.


Key Takeaways:

[:50] Vicky has braces!!!

[5:00] Vicky gives a quick trapeze update! 

[8:25] Vicky did not get beta readers on her first book, and her book would have been much better if she did. 

[10:20] You don’t always need to pay your beta readers.

[12:40] How do you find your beta testers?

[18:20] Vicky doesn’t expect everyone she asks to become a beta reader.

[19:25] Who should you include in your beta list?

[24:15] When Vicky sent out the beta version of her book, she sent it out in a wirebound format so that people could easily make corrections. 

[24:45] Send a thank you letter to your beta readers! 

[27:30] Next week, Vicky will dive into the questions she asked her beta readers! 


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