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039: What to do When Your Canadian Immigration Application is Refused with Richard Kurland

Canadian Immigration Podcast

Release Date: 01/07/2017

CIP Show Notes: Season 2 – Episode 1

Richard Kurland – Policy Analyst and Lawyer

Today I am here with Canadian immigration lawyer Richard Kurland who will be addressing one of the most common enquiries I get on a daily basis, and likely many other immigration lawyers as well:

What to do when you Canadian Immigration Application is refused.”

Welcome to the Podcast Richard.

Introduction of Richard.

Question: How did you get into Immigration?

Today we are going to discuss the options that are available to someone who has had their Canadian immigration application refused.

Question: you have a client who comes into your office and tells you that their immigration application has been refused? Can you share with us the steps you follow to find a solution for these individuals.

  1. Consult
  1. Reconsideration
  1. Re-apply
  1. Federal Court… worth it or not?
  1. MP
  1. Media

How Can you be reached if people who would like to retain you to help them with any immigration matter?

Richard’s contact: lexbase@canimmigrate.com

Thank you so much for joining us.