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Canned Air #287 Comics Watching Comics: Season 7

Canned Air: A Tribute to Comics and Pop Culture

Release Date: 03/15/2019

We welcome comedian Kevin Gootee to the show to first help us talk about the future, according to pop culture that is, in this weeks Retro Roundtable. Whether its a paradise with technologies we can’t conceive or a post apocalyptic wasteland that hardly caters to survival, pop culture has shown us how good and how horribly bad our future could be. We discuss Star Trek, The Terminator, and the rise and fall of John Cusack. Let us know your favorite fictional future on Facebook and Twitter.

Then we turn our attention over to Kevin to discuss his show Comics Watching Comics on Amazon Video. With season seven having just released and season 8 around the corner, Kevin and a panel of comedians watch comedy newcomers take the stage and critique their performance with hilarious results. Described as Last Comic Standing meets Mystery Science Theater 3000, its a show you won’t want to miss. Go to KevinGootee.com to follow up and find out more about Kevin and be sure to visit ComicsWatchingComics.com!



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