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Student Age Ranges in South Korea (Ep 65)

K-PoD: Life In Korea

Release Date: 03/10/2019

Covid 19 in Korea, China, and It's Effect on Teaching Abroad show art Covid 19 in Korea, China, and It's Effect on Teaching Abroad

K-PoD: Life In Korea

We all look at Covid 19 and when the Coronavirus first broke out in Asia, what we went through at that time, work being closed, and how life was in Korea and China during the 'lock down'. We also get into how things have changed here in Korea and China, testing, tracing, wearing masks, quarantining, and who we think things regarding Covid 19 and the Coronavirus have been handled here in Asia. Lastly, we talk about public schools re-opening, online teaching, and where we think this is all going

Top 5 Pros and Cons to Living in South Korea (Episode 75) show art Top 5 Pros and Cons to Living in South Korea (Episode 75)

K-PoD: Life In Korea

Our top 5 pros and cons to living in South Korea based on our own experiences over the years.

Alternative and Fun Things to Do in South Korea (Episode 74)   show art Alternative and Fun Things to Do in South Korea (Episode 74)

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There are many alternative things you can find to do during your stay in South Korea!

Shopping and Services in Korea (Episode 73) show art Shopping and Services in Korea (Episode 73)

K-PoD: Life In Korea

The costs of living in South Korea can be cheaper than the current country you are in and South Korea can be a great place to save money if done the correct way! Korean clothing, fashion, sizes, food, online shopping, markets, street markets, haircuts, and services in Korea can have their advantages.

Summertime in Korea and Events 2019 (Episode 72) show art Summertime in Korea and Events 2019 (Episode 72)

K-PoD: Life In Korea

Summertime in Korea has it’s UPS and DOWNS!

English in K-pop (Episode 71) show art English in K-pop (Episode 71)

K-PoD: Life In Korea

Is English having a bigger role in K-Pop music? How English can play towards K-Pop’s success globally? Is it important for K-Pop idols to know and study English? Does English in K-Pop make younger generations of Koreans want to learn English? What is the future of English in the K-Pop industry? All of this and more in this episode of K-PoD: Life in Korea!

Friendship In South Korea (Episode 70) show art Friendship In South Korea (Episode 70)

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Friendship can have its pros and cons while living in South Korea.

Is Korea Safe? (Ep 69) show art Is Korea Safe? (Ep 69)

K-PoD: Life In Korea

People always have questions and worries with regards to safety in South Korea or regards to safety when teaching for a year in South Korea. How safe is living in South Korea?

Strange Things in South Korea (Ep 68) show art Strange Things in South Korea (Ep 68)

K-PoD: Life In Korea

Like in all countries, there are somethings you might find strange if it was in your own country but are completely normal here in South Korea!

Best Ways To Teach and Learn English (Ep 67) show art Best Ways To Teach and Learn English (Ep 67)

K-PoD: Life In Korea

The ways of teaching and learning English are always changing and evolving.  What are some of the best new ways and what hasn’t changed?What is the future for learning and teaching English in South Korea?

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Teaching different age ranges English in South Korea! What will work best for you?

There is a wide range of ages you can end up teaching English to working as an English teacher in South Korea. What age range will work best for you?  Scott, Marco, and Adam discuss teaching children to adults and which ages they prefer, which ages are the most difficult to teach, which ages learn the quickest, and which age range will be best for you. It's a podcast of different student ages in South Korea for this episode of K-PoD!

Show Notes

  • 01:43
    Marco tells us the current age ranges that he teaches now.
  • 01:55
    Adam lets us know the age ranges he currently is teaching.
  • 02:39
    The current age ranges that Scott is teaching now.
  • 02:50
    Adam gives his views on what it is like teaching elementary school students and younger children English with the use of songs and games.
  • 04:30
    Marco gives his opinions on teaching younger kids English, more advanced English, and the frustrations that can come with it.
  • 05:40
    Scott gives his views from over the years of teaching kids English from kindergarten to middle school students.
  • 07:10
    Each of the hosts talk about their class sizes and the different between class sizes in a public school compared to private schools.
  • 09:15
    Each host gives their experiences with teaching adults in South Korea and how it’s different from younger students.
  • 14:28
    Marco gives some advice on teaching kids and what he means with regards to being ‘Scary Teacher’.
  • 15:52
    Adam talks about the age range that he prefers to teach and his thoughts on having a co-teacher with him in his classes.
  • 17:11
    Scott gives the age range he prefers to teach and how he covers up making mistakes as a teacher in class.
  • 18:36
    Adam gives some advice on how to improve grammar for adult students.
  • 19:22
    Scott sums up the differences of teaching different age ranges and what might work best for you.


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Scott is one of the original hosts of K-PoD (formally The Changwoner Podcast) and also the founder and producer of the show.  He is also the founder of Changwoner Entertainment.  He is from Newfoundland, Canada and has been living in Changwon, South Korea for almost 17 years. - https://goo.gl/VTk37j - https://goo.gl/qJv8ZX
Adam is one of the hosts of K-PoD.  He started as a host last season in 2018.  Adam is from Ontario, Canada and has lived in Changwon City, South Korea for 8 years. - https://goo.gl/UuKwLh - https://goo.gl/DHJ2Gt
Marco is now one of the new hosts of K-PoD.  Marco is from Columbus, OH, United States and has lived in Changwon City, South Korea for almost 3 years. - https://goo.gl/ZCX9Qe - https://goo.gl/w2G95c - https://kpop.global
Paul is one of the original hosts and founders of K-PoD (The Changwoner).  Paul is originally from England and he currently continues to live in Changwon City where he has lived for the past 16 years. - https://goo.gl/JGbYLA - https://goo.gl/1nrmQq

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