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Chronicles from the Underhive, a Necromunda and Post Apocalyptic podcast

Chronicles from the Underhive's podcast

Release Date: 01/29/2019

Happy New Year Scumbags welcome to episode 14 of Chronicles from the Underhive.

Today it time crack open our new rule books see what has changed and watch the shadows as we try to uncover the Delaque.

We discuss having to start a Patron page after the collapse of my computer causing delays to the completion of the recording. This was in the same month that my car died and the boiler in my family home. Lets hope the rest of 2019 is better for me and the rest of the podcast crew. If you are able to support the group please feel free on the link https://www.patreon.com/user?u=16490657

Come join the fun at Chronicles from the Underhive on Facebook, Necromundatom on Instagram. Thank you for all the people who have completed reviews on Itunes or other podcast apps. It really helps others find the group.

We now have Chronicles from the Underhive Items for sale on Redbubble. If you fancy a look at what is available, please look and anything that is purchased will go straight back into support further podcast episodes.