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Episode 007: Ayumi Ashley

Colorist Podcast

Release Date: 12/15/2016

Episode 23: NAB 2018 show art Episode 23: NAB 2018

Colorist Podcast

On this special episode of the Colorist Podcast, we discuss the details of NAB 2018 from a colorist’s perspective. Joining me is my long time friend and Coloristos podcast partner, Jason Myres.

Episode 22: Dado Valentic show art Episode 22: Dado Valentic

Colorist Podcast

On this episode of the colorist podcast, I talk with Color Scientist and Trainer, Dado Valentic.

Episode 21: Shane Mario Ruggieri, CSI show art Episode 21: Shane Mario Ruggieri, CSI

Colorist Podcast

In San Francisco during the 2000’s, Shane came up through the ranks, working in all aspects of production and post production. From the beginning of Final Cut Pro, and later Apple Color, he cut his teeth on the early stages of color grading on the Mac. He’s colored for features, commercial, corporate, and entertainment industries. His clients have included Apple, Sony, Netflix, Green Day, Carrie Underwood, and Universal Studios. 

Episode 20: Ian Vertovec show art Episode 20: Ian Vertovec

Colorist Podcast

On this episode of the colorist podcast, I talk with Ian Vertovec, Co-Founder, and Senior Colorist at Light Iron. 

Episode 19: 2017 Year in Review show art Episode 19: 2017 Year in Review

Colorist Podcast

In this episode, we reflect back on the interviews from 2017. I interviewed colorists that worked on films from Lord of the Rings to Saving Private Ryan, TV shows NCIS Los Angeles and Planet Earth II, and commercials for Coca-Cola and Levi’s. We delved into many different topics, like collaborating with DP’s, working in foreign countries, and emerging technologies like HDR.

Episode 18: Patrick Woodard show art Episode 18: Patrick Woodard

Colorist Podcast

On this episode of the Colorist Podcast, I talk with Patrick Woodard, Lead Colorist at Digital Film Tree.

Episode 17: Bob Festa show art Episode 17: Bob Festa

Colorist Podcast

Senior Colorist Bob Festa joins me on this episode of the Colorist Podcast. Bob Festa has colored some of the most iconic music videos and national commercials. Companies like Coca-Cola, Levi’s, American Express, McDonalds, and IBM come back to his suite again and again. In a career that spans over 30 years, he has completed over 20,000 spots. He continues to color today, working on the shows “The Runaways” and “The Last Ship.”

Episode 016: Alexis Van Hurkman, Part 2 show art Episode 016: Alexis Van Hurkman, Part 2

Colorist Podcast

On this episode of the Colorist Podcast, I continue the conversation with Director, Writer, and Colorist, Alexis Van Hurkman.

Episode 015: Alexis Van Hurkman show art Episode 015: Alexis Van Hurkman

Colorist Podcast

Director, writer, and colorist, Alexis Van Hurkman joins me on this episode of the Colorist Podcast. 

Episode 014: Juan Ignacio Cabrera, CSI show art Episode 014: Juan Ignacio Cabrera, CSI

Colorist Podcast

This episode is sponsored by Colorist Society International and Mixinglight.com. On this episode of the Colorist Podcast, I talk with Juan Ignacio Cabrera, CSI. Juan has worked on the films Star Wars: The Force Awakens, Star Trek: Into Darkness, and Transformers: Age of Extinction. He’s been credited as a stereographer, colorist, compositor, and visual effects supervisor.  Juan got his start in the visual effects industry in Spain, starting his own business at 17 years old. He later moved to the US and was hired at Bad Robot and Paramount Pictures. Currently, he runs his own boutique...

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On this episode of Colorist Podcast, I have a conversation with Ayumi Ashley. She is the co-founder of Mission Film and Design (MFDSF) in San Francisco, California. It's a boutique color, sound, and VFX facility, focusing mainly on commercials, music videos, and short films. She has completed work for North Face, Skyy Vodka, and Ben & Jerry's. Additionally, Silicon Valley clients like Adobe, Pinterest, and Square have also finished their work with her.

Ayumi started working as a freelance colorist while still attending college. Apple Color and the reduced price of DaVinci Resolve helped her hone her skills and enter the ranks of working colorists quickly. The combination of affordable grading platforms, higher demand for colorists, and minimal competition in her area, helped her and founding partner Matt Notaro start and run her own finishing company.

In this interview, we talk about:

• How she got started as a colorist
• Why the 5D mk ii had such a profound impact in her market
• The low cost of entry for color tools: is it a good thing?
• Working in San Francisco and why there aren't many colorists there
• Helping clients understand why they need a colorist
• Running a facility and prioritizing the budget accordingly
• Making her clients feel pampered and comfortable
• Listening and performing live for your clients
• How she uses remote reviews with Frame IO
• Handing off her work to other colorists
• Using Full DaVinci panels verses using the Tangent Element
• How to draw on inspiration when your sessions are only three hours long
• Working with software other than DaVinci Resolve

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