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The Human Movement System Part 1: The Human Movement System and the Role of the Physical Therapist

Conatus Athletics' Podcast
Released on Feb 21, 2016

The Human Movement System and the Role of the Physical  Therapist

Searching for an "Identity"?


The American Physical Therapy Association (APTA) has proposed "The Human Movement System" as the primary identity of the physical therapist and the defining construct of the profession.

In December of 2015, Karen Litzy interviewed Dr. Christopher Powers of The University of Southern California and explored the motivation and justification of "The Human Movement System". In this podcast Matt Sremba DPT, Kyle Ridgeway DPT, Paul Mitalski and Adam Van Cleave analyze the definition and implications of the Human Movement System as defined by the APTA.

The interview of Dr. Powers can be found at Karen Litzy's Podcast: Healthy, Wealthy and Smart - Episode 190. 

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--Matt Sremba DPT, Kyle Ridgeway DPT, Paul Mitalski, Adam Van Cleave

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