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#322 - How To Not Suck At Cycling - Part 3

Crushing Iron Triathlon Podcast

Release Date: 11/18/2019

#411 - Look For Approval From Yourself show art #411 - Look For Approval From Yourself

Crushing Iron Triathlon Podcast

Train with an empty cup, always looking to learn. The questions never end and athletes with a mind open to improvement find the most enjoyment. Finding that passion is what keeps you engaged and having the most fun in a sport that can be demoralizing if you let it. Don’t try to impress your coach, spouse, arch rival, or kids, impress yourself. The races are coming and there are no failures, only opportunities to learn.

#410 - Exploring The Gray Areas and Dropping The Hacks show art #410 - Exploring The Gray Areas and Dropping The Hacks

Crushing Iron Triathlon Podcast

We're back in Chattanooga at the C26 Hub and optimistic about a lot of things. The weather, the racing, the possibilities. Today, we look at cutting through the clutter and finding the simplest ways to feel good and perform your best. Coach Robbie talks his coaching philosophy and how it's changed over nearly 20 years. Mike explores his inner monk. 

#409 - Simplify Your Mission - A Triathlete's Redshirt Season show art #409 - Simplify Your Mission - A Triathlete's Redshirt Season

Crushing Iron Triathlon Podcast

One more podcast from the road before being back in the studio. Today, Mike & Robbie talk about the complexities of life colliding with the complexities of triathlon. How to "create your own race" in the sense of a short term goal. Motivation to get better and not use race day as an ending. They also talk about building a 3-sport engine and what you should be working on most with regard to your strengths and weaknesses. Also why tests don't tell the whole story.

#408 - Make The Most of It . . . And, Community Connection show art #408 - Make The Most of It . . . And, Community Connection

Crushing Iron Triathlon Podcast

We spent last weekend on a C26 Outreach Tour to our athletes in Houston, Madison, and Indianapolis. Today we talk about the experience along with how when life gives you lemons . . . We doing actually use that phrase, but it's certainly been a year of making the best of what we have. We swam, biked, and ran with our athletes on location, but maybe more importantly connected over meals and great conversation. 

#407 - It Doesn't Have To Be Pretty . . . Especially Right Now show art #407 - It Doesn't Have To Be Pretty . . . Especially Right Now

Crushing Iron Triathlon Podcast

This should be peak season for the full Ironman races we cover, but alas, there will be no pretty medals. So, now what? Today, we grab our lunch pails to stay strong and positive about what's coming down the road. We also look at the biggest mistakes runners make and break down "go easy" and Zone 2 depending on your life situations. Unhinge the intensity and flow.

#406 - Managing Effort - Training and Racing show art #406 - Managing Effort - Training and Racing

Crushing Iron Triathlon Podcast

Triathlon training is not one size fits all. Today we look at the psychology and physiology behind different training methods. We talk about the value in things like walk/run or total immersion swimming, but also look at ways to move beyond them into running and swimming with more purpose. We also get into riding and running hills while understanding power, ROI, and effort in your training and racing.

#405 – Master The Little Things -- A Swimmer's Mindset & Diet Reset show art #405 – Master The Little Things -- A Swimmer's Mindset & Diet Reset

Crushing Iron Triathlon Podcast

What are the most important parts of swimming, cycling, and running for you? Figure it out, and master those first. Today, we discuss an athlete visit to our Hub and how we broke things down into actionable steps that will help him be better without being overwhelmed. We also look into how we go about resetting our diet and nutrition when it starts taking a murky turn. First episode of listener voice call-ins.

#404 - Own Your Flexibility . . . in Training and Life show art #404 - Own Your Flexibility . . . in Training and Life

Crushing Iron Triathlon Podcast

The “gray area” of life is the most confusing. Do you go where you look for someone else to tell you the right way? How do you feel skipping a workout? The way to learn is to push the boundaries and remember that everything is connected. As always, we connect training to difficult decisions in life and today, we look at making decisions on the go. Whether it workouts, work, parenting, etc. . . Do you beat yourself up for “Wrong decisions?” It’s time to work through them with people that matter.

#403 - Reconnecting With Yourself show art #403 - Reconnecting With Yourself

Crushing Iron Triathlon Podcast

It always feels like we should be doing MORE. More attention to work, the kids, training, learning . . . but time is finite and to do all those things better, we need to be connected with ourselves. Today, we look at minimal effective dose when training, along with how life's distractions are piling layers of stress on us. We look at the best ways to connect the mind and body along with using watches, power meters, and other gadgets in a way that gives you better control over them and your body.

#401- Your 2021 Success Starts Now show art #401- Your 2021 Success Starts Now

Crushing Iron Triathlon Podcast

You don’t have to be in mid-season form, but now is the time to engage a process for a successful 2021 season. Hitting January in shape to train like you want to train is a massive advantage. No more looking back. Even if you're only 10% better than you normally are in January. Now is the time to use 2020, not let it use you. 

More Episodes

How do we get better at cycling while retaining a strong run? Today we look at how your FTP can be misleading and taking you down the wrong road. We also look at key training sessions that make the difference in long distance racing. Better testing, cycling's body punches, and how every session is connected. 


  • Challenges of Northern Weather
  • Godfather of polarized training
  • Cross country skiing
  • Keeping cycling simple
  • The 80/20 principle in cycling?
  • Managing time
  • 3 kinds of cyclist categories
  • Sweet Spot training
  • Is the 95% FTP rule accurate?
  • What happens when your FTP is wrongly high
  • The hard pill for cyclists to swallow
  • Are you gambling with your fitness?
  • Swift and Trainer Road
  • FTP Inside vs. Outside
  • Testing to get better at testing
  • Testing + Body of Work Equals . . . .
  • How do you know if you had a good or bad day?
  • Every training session is a “test”
  • The most underutilized bike session
  • Building Deep Cycling Strength
  • Preparing for the body punches
  • The most efficient use of limited time
  • Extended intervals or shortened with raised intensity?
  • Monitor the 22 hours of the day
  • Every session is connected

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