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#329 - 7 Essentials for a Triathlete's Christmas List

Crushing Iron Triathlon Podcast

Release Date: 12/12/2019

#339 - Embrace the Chaos show art #339 - Embrace the Chaos

Crushing Iron Triathlon Podcast

We start with a little podcast reflection about what this community means to us, then head into managing training amongst the chaos of life. We talk about the things like the source of anxiety, how to race "free," and why training means nothing if you don't have a handle on your life. Robbie talks about his biggest role as a coach, Mike hits on longevity and easing the fear after his father's death. 

#338 - Managing Race Pace and Pain show art #338 - Managing Race Pace and Pain

Crushing Iron Triathlon Podcast

There's not much like the mind games you play with yourself at the end of a race. We call it "internal bargaining." Whether it a half or full Ironman or Marathon, it usually comes back to effort and execution. Today we look at how that breaks out within a marathon and the strategies you can use to talk yourself through the pain while keeping your pace.

#337 - Be Better at Indoor Training show art #337 - Be Better at Indoor Training

Crushing Iron Triathlon Podcast

It's tough keeping indoor trainer rides and treadmill runs interesting, but today was look at simple methods that not only keep you engaged, but give you really solid workouts. Plus, Robbie checks in from his first day at the Dopey Challenge with a strategy plan for the rest of his weekend. Also, hot tea and energy, pitfalls of virtual training, execution based goals and long-term body balance. 

#336 - How To Not Suck at Running - Part 2 show art #336 - How To Not Suck at Running - Part 2

Crushing Iron Triathlon Podcast

To be a good runner, you have build in a way that makes sense. In Part 2 of our How To Not Suck at Running (part one is episode #317) Coach Robbie talks about how to work in tempo and negative split mentality in a way that tests adaptation, but doesn't beat you down when adding more swim and bike volume. In triathlon, you "get faster" by being able to exert more energy late in the run. As we've said a million times, it's not about going faster as much as it is, who slows down the least. 

#335 - Lean Into It show art #335 - Lean Into It

Crushing Iron Triathlon Podcast

Most times the best response to fear, pain, and suffering is to simply Lean Into It. Life throws a lot of curveballs overthinking can be a curse. Today, Mike talks about a difficult start to his new year and how he's been reminded the best solution is often just accepting and sitting at peace in the moment. The guys talk about how that applies directly to training and racing. 

#334 - What Coach Robbie and Mike Learned as Athletes in 2019 show art #334 - What Coach Robbie and Mike Learned as Athletes in 2019

Crushing Iron Triathlon Podcast

Coach Robbie and Mike get into athlete mode and discuss some of the biggest things they learned in 2019. Where they found inspiration, what mistakes they made on the course, and some of the smartest things they did while racing and training. Listening to your life situation and being okay with that. Making your strength an advantage on the course. What makes you tick? How do you focus on that and use it to your benefit. Lots of good thought to help you prepare for your best 2020.

#333 - Redefining Quality Workouts show art #333 - Redefining Quality Workouts

Crushing Iron Triathlon Podcast

Most of us think of quality sessions as our “long run” or tough intervals on the trainer. We’re here to tell you that way of thinking is a myth. Just because something is harder doesn’t make it more important. Today we look at the concept of quality training and what that means for a short run, a recovery swim or an easy spin on the trainer. Become more in tune with each workout by adjusting the mindset of your training.

#332 - 5 Steps to Simplify Triathlon show art #332 - 5 Steps to Simplify Triathlon

Crushing Iron Triathlon Podcast

Whether we're just getting started or a veteran to the sport, we have to look at what's right for OUR journey at this time. Today we outline a strategy for your 2020 season and how to stay on track for what's best for YOU. The steps start around the 20 minute mark, but we talk about running and some other stuff before. Enjoy and have a great holiday!

#331 - Be Happy With Getting Healthy show art #331 - Be Happy With Getting Healthy

Crushing Iron Triathlon Podcast

This podcast talks about the process and how to stop talking yourself out of success and progress. We talk about the proper way to build your endurance in a lasting way. Also, early season races and what you should be working on now. And we introduce the new website, its purpose and why it represents a new chapter in many ways. We also introduce a new coaching program that’s targeted to self-coached athletes. A custom plan that’s laid out for your season based on your current fitness, experience and goa

#330 - Master . . . Yourself show art #330 - Master . . . Yourself

Crushing Iron Triathlon Podcast

How do we get stronger and faster? Hit more PRs? The simple truth is repetition and adaptation. Mastering one thing is hard enough, but triathlon is 3 sports. The time, the energy, and the focus can seem daunting until we clean up the weeds in our lives and create the right amount of space to handle the load. Today is about how we get stronger by getting clear on who we are, creating habits, and mastering ourselves.

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What if you looked at your Christmas wish list as a way to help you be a better triathlete? Today, we break down 7 essential and affordable items that might not be the flashiest things but will definitely help you feel and perform better next year. Be a better swimmer, cyclist, runner, and racer with the Crushing Iron Essentials. Thanks for listening!


  • Sound investments for Triathletes
  • Set Yourself Up for Success
  • The Seven
  • 1. A Race Fueling Plan
    • The most underrated item for racing
    • Figure out your exact formula to fuel race day
    • Don’t wing it
    • Most of us under-fuel by massive amounts
    • Fueling to lose weight vs. performance
    • You’ll need time to train your gut
  • 2. The biggest pull buoy you’ve ever seen
    • The pull buoy is meant to assist you to swim more
    • Especially for weak upper body athletes
  • 3. A really good bike fit
    • Find a reputable fitter
    • Crank length and contact point
    • Shims in shoes, right pedals
    • Hip angle
  • 4. Outdoor run gear
    • Training inside wears at you
    • Get used to being relaxed in cold
  • 5. The 3 A’s - Accountability/Affirmation/Allies
    • Someone, or something
    • A positive supporter
  • 6. Power Meter over Smart Trainer
    • Buy function over entertainment
    • Keep it simple, work hard
  • 7. Bet on Yourself
    • Buying things is an extension of not believing yourself

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