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#418 – Healthy Optimism

Crushing Iron Triathlon Podcast

Release Date: 10/20/2020

#429 - You're The Boss Of You show art #429 - You're The Boss Of You

Crushing Iron Triathlon Podcast

Do you feel like you’re on the roller coaster at times? Going with the same plan that doesn’t quite hit the spot? Today we talk about training plans, recovery, re-charging, and figuring out how to hit your best potential as an athlete and person. Adjusting workouts, days off, diet, sleep, etc. You know you can do it, but doing it the right way FOR YOU is one of the biggest challenges in triathlon.

#428 - Stay Steady . . . Stay The Course show art #428 - Stay Steady . . . Stay The Course

Crushing Iron Triathlon Podcast

Are you moving the right direction? This is the toughest time of a really tough year for all of us. Today, we talk about how "The Standard is The Standard" and no matter what we all have to figure out what's really important and stay on that course. Coach Robbie shows us his reaction to having Texas 70.3 cancelled and explains how he changed his mindset and made it a positive. Sometimes life gives us what we really need and it's up to us to get our minds right. 

#427 - Controlling Your Gears show art #427 - Controlling Your Gears

Crushing Iron Triathlon Podcast

We recorded the day before Coach Robbie was leaving for Texas 70.3, but he found out the race was canceled during his drive. The podcast is about his race prep, taper, and strategy. the guys talk about the importance race week sharpening and the ability to control your gears during the race. And, mostly, it's about being able to control your racing gears. We make thousands of decisions while racing and we give you the best way to make sure your'e making the right one.

#426 - Racing Free show art #426 - Racing Free

Crushing Iron Triathlon Podcast

This year is all about controlling what we can to race and train at our best. With Ironman Arizona yanked away, we look at the emotion racing stirs and how to focus on what matters. We talk about the best ways to approach training and races. We compare cancelled races to post-Ironman blues and look at how to keep our minds in the game. We explain why yellow can be better than green in Training Peaks, listening to your body, and why facing fear is the best way to grow. And Coach Robbie preps for Texas 70.3

#425 - #425 - "Race Ready" for Ironman Changes/New Rules

Crushing Iron Triathlon Podcast

Today we look at Ironman changes/new racing rules and why they could make you slower if not in the right mindset. The swim set up, transitions, spectators, and maybe most importantly — a pretty big change to run aid stations. We’ll look at several ways to make sure you are on top of your mental and physical game in the new Ironman environment. We also get into why cycling in cold is harder and why it’s important to be flexible with your nutrition. 

#424 - It's All About Your Effort show art #424 - It's All About Your Effort

Crushing Iron Triathlon Podcast

Today, looking at what effort means, both in training and the race. What that means to beginners and veterans who struggle to get faster. We talk about race demons and how to not let them take over. We break down the mindset of racing Ironman and how to turn a rough start into a great race. Also, how do you get faster once you plateau? Ironman Florida is also covered in this podcast. 

#423 - Trail Running, Speed Work, Building Your Strength and Chassis show art #423 - Trail Running, Speed Work, Building Your Strength and Chassis

Crushing Iron Triathlon Podcast

Today we talk about the benefits of running trails, the trouble with speed work, and why Ironman is not about going fast, but "who slows down the least." We dive into understanding zones, intervals, and solving the complex combination of swim, bike, run that is triathlon. When in doubt, treat yourself with kindness. 

#422 - Inconvenience Is The Opportunity show art #422 - Inconvenience Is The Opportunity

Crushing Iron Triathlon Podcast

“It was too windy.” “Too hot or too cold.” “Too many people in my lane.” What do you do when facing inconvenience? Today we talk about how to turn training obstacles into racing lessons. We also look at subconscious thoughts and how they can affect our moods. We talk about race goal setting and how it can be good and bad. And finally, give some last minute thoughts on how to race Ironman Florida. 

#421 - Everything You Need To Know About Triathlon RUNNING show art #421 - Everything You Need To Know About Triathlon RUNNING

Crushing Iron Triathlon Podcast

This is a great guide for RACE RUNNING and how to train for it. We focus on Ironman, but the same holds true for 70.3, Olympics, and Sprints. For one, we want to strengthen our chassis so we don’t have to walk. And, if we don’t handle the swim and bike right, none of this really matters. It’s a pretty deep dive into accumulated fatigue, accumulated fitness, how to know when you’re in good shape, and why bricks and your long runs might be disrupting your progress. 

#420 - Ironman Arizona Shortens Bike - Responding To Change show art #420 - Ironman Arizona Shortens Bike - Responding To Change

Crushing Iron Triathlon Podcast

How do you respond to change? Ironman Arizona shortens the bike leg and reactions are mixed. What was Robbie's reaction as a coach? How did Mike handle the news as a rebellious-year-older man? Today the guys dive into change and how to deal with it. How to pace a shortened race. Negative head space and punches to the gut. Framing a different experience. The World Series and more. Please check out our new C26 Club Coaching program for 2021 now priced at only $349! 

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Today we look at the ways healthy optimism can enhance your training, racing, and life. It’s the little things and they are usually easy to address. Mike talks about his road back from injury and how it’s helped him re-define “feeling good” while training, which he ultimately believes will make him faster. Also, how Coach Robbie has gotten into his best shape in 4 years. When do you push, when should you pull back? Why you should adapt workouts based on your mood. And, the absolutely simplest way to approach your workouts. 


  • Have you checked out the C26 Club? Take away stress, confusion and feel great with a full-on 2021 Training Plan!
  • Staying Positive and flexible 
  • IRONMAN gets a race off in the US
  • By all accounts Arizona 70.3 went smooth
  • Cutting out loops and “out and backs?”
  • How much safety can IM put into races??
  • Our Mass Start “bitterness” 
  • Our Mass Start suggestion revisited
  • Dolphin Diving at Ironman Florida
  • Did we defer because we stopped training?
  • “Nobody is gonna race this year” debunked
  • Scaling back (and up) mentally for races
  • Mike’s injury and why he thinks it was mostly mental
  • Having inspiration to re-kindle positivity
  • Positive Peer Pressure
  • “Coming back to shape” the right way
  • Forced to go slow as a positive healing step
  • Successful athletes are optimistic
  • Feeling good is the way
  • The fragility of who we are 
  • When do you push or pull back?
  • The group adrenaline
  • Training without defining “getting faster”
  • Prisoner of the moment?
  • Most workouts should be average and not exciting
  • Craving the panic mode 
  • Easing into your workouts
  • Changing workouts based on your mentality of the day
  • Taking your bad day out on your workouts (or on yourself)
  • Stress is Stress
  • The simplest way to look at workouts
  • 100% undertrained is better than 1% overtrained
  • The ONE DAY that made this athlete’s Ironman race 


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