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#420 - Ironman Arizona Shortens Bike - Responding To Change

Crushing Iron Triathlon Podcast

Release Date: 10/26/2020

#475 – Living, Training, and Racing without Fear or Guilt show art #475 – Living, Training, and Racing without Fear or Guilt

Crushing Iron Triathlon Podcast

A lot of us use this sport as a vehicle to be better people and athletes but do you feel “free” or are you holding guilt, regret, and fear? Today we talk about common situations in triathlon that can impact your joy in the sport and life. We talk about changing baseline stress, hanging around till you’re ready, and 60 minutes of “something.” You’re an adult and you can be whoever you want to be. Are you facing fears? Are you carrying shame? Are you living, training, and racing free? 

#474 – Let Go and Enjoy This show art #474 – Let Go and Enjoy This

Crushing Iron Triathlon Podcast

We start with Ironman 70.3 St. George talk and the Lionel Sanders/Sam Long battle. Also, talk Danielle Ryf and her self-awareness. Then we shift into racing free and letting it rip. The feeling, the mindset, and ability to love that place. We look at finding true joy in the journey of triathlon. Turning inward and cutting off the need to reach for external energy. Filing away positives from good workouts and how to recognize lessons from “bad” workouts instead of carrying their burden. 

#473 – Sweet Spots in the Training Cycle show art #473 – Sweet Spots in the Training Cycle

Crushing Iron Triathlon Podcast

What if you could have that beginner to triathlon excitement all the time? Today we look at sort of creating a re-birth in the sport while using the experience you’ve built. The "old you" meets the "new you" and how that can be so powerful. Also...understanding effort, power, and pace ranges on a deep level so you can execute in a race. We get into diet flux, and the guilt, falling off wagons and shame and how to start over when it seems like you’ve blown the comeback.  

#472 – Smart vs. Fast show art #472 – Smart vs. Fast

Crushing Iron Triathlon Podcast

Are you racing smart or chasing your ego? Early season races bring all the elements and today we talk about how to handle them along with when smart overcomes fast, which is often. Tri-Calc and predicting your race times can have an adverse affect on your performance. Unrealistic goals and not paying attention to the conditions can distort in-race decision making and ruin a race. Lots of St. George talk and being your best in all race conditions.

#471 – Happy and Healthy Training show art #471 – Happy and Healthy Training

Crushing Iron Triathlon Podcast

Do you have a tendency to look at training as an obligation or something that excites you? Today, we get into this often destructive habit and talk about how to really find what motivates you and excites you about training. We look at what makes a net positive workout and why it’s so hard to stop when we’re ahead. Transitions in your daily life may be the secret to feeling good and maintaining energy. Why do we always feel like we HAVE TO do more? Do you really know what makes you happy?

#470 – Racing To Your Potential show art #470 – Racing To Your Potential

Crushing Iron Triathlon Podcast

We tend to forget how tough early season races are, and after a big layoff the conditions can really get in our heads. We judge our results too hard and forget who we really are. Today we talk about how to approach your race from the morning through the end of the run. We get into heat, core temp, and a concept called “racing on the defensive.” We also talk about metrics and data obsession and how it can lead you into a dark place. What are you searching for in this sport? Is your fastest race still in

#469 – Your 70.3 Attack Plan show art #469 – Your 70.3 Attack Plan

Crushing Iron Triathlon Podcast

Strategy for attacking a 70.3 has changed a bit over the years with more and more people “racing” it from the opening gun. Today we look at the “strategy within the strategy” to give you the best chance at nailing your next 70.3. We look at race week, pre-race warm up, and everything in race. When to lay back and when to get on the offensive. How to handle your custom taper. Smooth and uneventful transitions. And especially, how to not come out too hot on the run. 

#468 – Texas 70.3 Recap show art #468 – Texas 70.3 Recap

Crushing Iron Triathlon Podcast

A huge turnout for Ironman Texas 70.3 gives us a lot to be excited about. Today, we look at the tough swim, the windy bike, and a run that heated up under the sun. We also talk about Ironman and how they approached this race from a protocols perspective. We were surprised that, for the most part the race was pretty normal. We get into the pros a little, including how cool it is to have them on the course. We also look at Coach Robbie’s tough day. 

#467 – IRONMAN TEXAS 70.3 - Preview show art #467 – IRONMAN TEXAS 70.3 - Preview

Crushing Iron Triathlon Podcast

Today we look at all that is the Texas 70.3 race course. The open water swim and how to handle the currents. Why your transitions will likely be slower than normal. The usually windy bike Course and how to adjust effort and power with and against the wind. How fueling could change on the bike. The run Course is super spectator friendly, but has a ton of turns. We’ll look at how to approach the 3 loops, plus explain why staying Cool is the name of the game. Smile. Have fun. Good luck if you’re racing! 

#466 – Race Week Mentality – Texas 70.3 Focus show art #466 – Race Week Mentality – Texas 70.3 Focus

Crushing Iron Triathlon Podcast

Ironman Texas 70.3 almost here and Coach Robbie talks about his mental approach to Race Week. We get into what not to do during your race week, how to look at nerves and anxiety, and what it means to race after such a long time off. We look at race strategy, setting A, B, and C goals. How to tackle the swim, adjust your in-race decisions, and the most important question you can ask yourself throughout the race. We also look at how wind, heat, and other variables should affect your decision making process. 

More Episodes

How do you respond to change? Ironman Arizona shortens the bike leg and reactions are mixed. What was Robbie's reaction as a coach? How did Mike handle the news as a rebellious-year-older man? Today the guys dive into change and how to deal with it. How to pace a shortened race. Negative head space and punches to the gut. Framing a different experience. The World Series and more. Please check out our new C26 Club Coaching program for 2021 now priced at only $349! 


  • Love/Hate relationships with birthdays 
  • Ironman Arizona shortens the bike
  • Florida ups Prize Purse for Pros 
  • Coach Robbie’s first concern when he heard Arizona was shortened
  • Adjusting your attitude for race changes
  • How do you pace a shortened Ironman bike?
  • Either way, you’d better be ready
  • The Seahawk that never gave up
  • Changes in Arizona bike course and how they affect you
  • Going in with your best effort to compete with yourself 
  • Recovering from a punch to the gut
  • Why do we obsess over “the distance?”
  • Robbie’s first race after sobriety 
  • Something will always disrupt “your perfect day”
  • What you can control in races
  • Should there be a way to find 40 more miles??
  • Why Mike things immaturity keeps him young
  • Is it easier to cancel rather than figure it out?
  • Ironman, the Business
  • How politics impacts Ironman
  • What if they shortened the swim vs. bike? 
  • Is this World Series legit or come with an asterisk?
  • Doing everything you can do to prepare for the race in front of you
  • Negative head space and self sabatoge 
  • When we hedge our bet as a built in excuse 
  • Mike admits his age shows at times
  • How the Arizona bike course is more difficult
  • It’s gonna come down to pacing 
  • Framing as a different experience 
  • People will obsess over fast bike splits, but . . . 
  • Arizona is a Marathon with a swim and bike 
  • Why variability index will likely be high at Arizona
  • What if Arizona LENGTHENED the bike??
  • Keeping childhood rebellion 
  • Managing emotions on race day
  • Responding to mechanicals with flexibility 
  • The more rigid, the less opportunities


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