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#489 – Listener Questions - Open water swim workouts, marathons during training, smart trainers, core temp, better cycling

Crushing Iron Triathlon Podcast

Release Date: 06/24/2021

#515 – How to Race Ironman Chattanooga show art #515 – How to Race Ironman Chattanooga

Crushing Iron Triathlon Podcast

Finally, we welcome Ironman Chattanooga to our home town. Today we take you from the anxious moments pre-swim, through tactics for getting through the very hilly run. We look at the bike course and how you should manage your day with the rollers and sneaky pinch hills. We also talk about wetsuits, swimming in a river, and how to beat anxiety. Sneaky sections of the run and how they can blow you up if you’re not careful. All you need to know about racing Ironman Chattanooga, along with some spectator tips.

#514 – The Mind Games Inside Your Race show art #514 – The Mind Games Inside Your Race

Crushing Iron Triathlon Podcast

The weather looks like it might be perfect for Ironman Chattanooga, but don’t let that fool you. Ironman is always hard. Today we look at race strategies, including the blurring of your Zones and how that can impact your performance. We also talk about racing free and how that can be difficult for a lot of us who haven’t raced in a long time. We go over how people dig a nutrition hole they can’t get out of. We also dig deep into the mind games you can face and how to trust your gut and race free. 

#513 – What To Do After Your Big Race show art #513 – What To Do After Your Big Race

Crushing Iron Triathlon Podcast

We start with a little talk about Ironman World Championships possibly moving from Kona. Also, St. George, including pro predictions. Then we move onto what to do after your Ironman or other big race. How to recover, recharge, and focus on how to get better. Never take your health for granted and do what you can today to stay in the game. Ironman Maryland. And the mystery of predicting your Ironman time, along with the different factors to consider. 

#512 – Ironman Wisconsin 2021 Recap show art #512 – Ironman Wisconsin 2021 Recap

Crushing Iron Triathlon Podcast

It was a long time coming, but Ironman Wisconsin was back in full force. We were once again reminded that IRONMAN IS HARD and it’s easy to take that for granted. We look at the 2 loop swim, the difficult bike course and the second loop of the run. We talk about great memories, dealing with DNFs and how to get your mental game right for these races.

#511 – How To Race Ironman Wisconsin show art #511 – How To Race Ironman Wisconsin

Crushing Iron Triathlon Podcast

We have a ton of experience with, and love, Ironman Wisconsin. Today we go through the most important factors for you to have a solid race. We look at keys to race morning and being relaxed for the swim. How to handle the unique transition. We also break down the body-blow bike course from a strategy perspective. This is not a PR type of course and it’s best to be smart, be ready for rough roads, lots of turns and never ending climbs, and tons of spectators. The run course is challenging but fair.

#510 – Mental Toughness On Race Day show art #510 – Mental Toughness On Race Day

Crushing Iron Triathlon Podcast

No matter how well or poor training seems to be going, Race Day is an opportunity to arrange for your mental toughness to shine because, at some point, it’s gonna hurt. Today, we go through ways to approach your race mentally and break things into portions you can manage. We also look at how to be fit and fresh from the chin up during taper and why that plays such a huge role on race day. The “make or break” miles of your race. And why going the distance in training isn’t as important as you think.

#509 – Practice Not Quitting show art #509 – Practice Not Quitting

Crushing Iron Triathlon Podcast

This is all about being ready for, and handling, those tough moments in your race. Also, what to, and what not to buy before a race. There’s a difference between bad workouts and digging a hole, but how do you deal with a tough day in training? Why does it happen? How can you use it to your advantage? Don’t let your mindset tell you today sucks way too early. We get into making your race “more comfortable,” the smart last minute decisions, and last minute race purchases. 

#508 – Give Yourself A Fender Bender show art #508 – Give Yourself A Fender Bender

Crushing Iron Triathlon Podcast

Training doesn’t have to (and shouldn’t) leave you feeling demolished. Do you see glimpses of success? Then you’re on the right track. We want to break down just enough to recover and come back, not sit in the shop. A deeper look at how accumulating volume prepares you for the race and why you don’t have to put in massive bricks and training rides just to prove you can “do it.” We look at smart cycling and gearing, along with running the run and how to pace, hold back, and have something left at

#507 – Training By Effort And Feel show art #507 – Training By Effort And Feel

Crushing Iron Triathlon Podcast

We know it’s hot. Are you hydrating enough to take off the sun’s edge? Today, it’s all about how understanding your body, effort and feel make you train (and race) better. We get into obsession with miles per hour, what it really means to be resilient, and how to no be soft in your training. We look at time vs. mileage, the ego, and how to learn from bad workouts. Also, micro blocks, hidden blocks, and why you need to let your body wake up. 

#560 – Stop Forcing It show art #560 – Stop Forcing It

Crushing Iron Triathlon Podcast

If you know you can finish a long workout, but it will shell you for the next week, why would you do it? Today, it’s about reality checks and truly feeling happy and healthy with triathlon. It’s about fitting triathlon into your life, not the other way around. We all have so many pressures and distractions, how do we balance it all, especially with a big race on the horizon. Respect your time, close your inner circle, and put things that matter first. We’re all flawed and sometimes we have to let go.

More Episodes

This is an energized cast inspired by you. Some great open water training/workout ideas. We talk double-transition strategy and give insight for spectators. We look at how to race your 70.3 if your A-Race is a full. Swallow water in the swim? We have some thoughts on that. What about running a marathon during your triathlon training? Smart trainer vs. Dumb trainer and the power meter combination. Aero helmets vs. Road helmets if you have a hot race. Worth the trade off? This one is caffeinated. 


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  • The pandemic gave me too many races… what should be priority?
  • Marathons in the middle of training
  • Tour de France prediction
  • Core temp return on investment
  • Don’t blow past your systems check 
  • Aero Helmet vs Road Helmet hot races
  • Open water bloating solutions
  • How to not swallow water in the swim
  • Shaved legs?
  • Sprints and Olys year round?
  • Smart trainers and power meters
  • Cycling groups - Are they a good way to train?


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