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#519 – Micro Goals – Swim Focus

Crushing Iron Triathlon Podcast

Release Date: 10/07/2021

#533 – December Rules show art #533 – December Rules

Crushing Iron Triathlon Podcast

Train so you can train like you need to train. Today, we look at the "toughest" training month of the year, December. We want all our athletes to do whatever it takes to stay in the game, but use December as a month to re-charge. There should be a lot in here that helps you keep the end of your training year on track and motivated to kick off 2022 on the right foot. 

#532 – Why Gratitude Makes You Happy, Healthy, and Strong show art #532 – Why Gratitude Makes You Happy, Healthy, and Strong

Crushing Iron Triathlon Podcast

For some, training is a grind, but others seem to enjoy every minute of it. What's the differentiator? Today, we look at what Coach Robbie has learned in his 8 years of sobriety, and the parallels with training, attitude, and his journey with Mike through 8 Ironman. We go deep into how the little things should make the process more enjoyable and how to ground yourself in the moment for more happiness in triathlon and life. 

#531 – Training Should GIVE You Energy . . . not take it away show art #531 – Training Should GIVE You Energy . . . not take it away

Crushing Iron Triathlon Podcast

What do you want to get out of life? In many ways, this is a podcast to inspire you to go after what you really want, and let triathlon HELP that process. This is the end of a tough two years and the struggle has been real for many. We’ve “learned” to take the safe way out and not explore life. Today, we talk about getting out there, trying things you’re afraid of, and how to reinvigorate your spirit. We both feel like this can be a time for optimism if we keep our minds right. 

#530 – Simmer Before You Boil show art #530 – Simmer Before You Boil

Crushing Iron Triathlon Podcast

Are you a mindful athlete or rushing to get through the training? This tends to be the Yo-Yo season and today we talk about the most important things to work on now so that next season you’re not training on fumes. We get into how to look at your whole season from a macro perspective, then turn that into micro for each day. This world is tough enough and there’s no need to “suffer” through something you love. Feel grateful to be fit and healthy, and turn that into your mantra. 

#529 – Run Base, Strength, Speed, Form, Plus, Nutrition, Weight Loss and Swim show art #529 – Run Base, Strength, Speed, Form, Plus, Nutrition, Weight Loss and Swim

Crushing Iron Triathlon Podcast

We start by looking at nutrition and weight loss in triathlon. How to think about it and do it correctly. Then we have a lot of running talk. We get into strength, form, posture, and why track workouts aren’t usually the best thing for long course triathletes. We get into Owning Your Zones in running, how to best go from Ironman to a marathon, and what off-season weight training should look like. Then a nice discussion about what it takes to HOLD RUN FORM over the course of a 70.3 or Ironman.

#528 – Ironman Is Never Easy show art #528 – Ironman Is Never Easy

Crushing Iron Triathlon Podcast

Ironman Florida reminded us of the importance of solid swim training, so much of today’s cast is about swimming, but we also get into Ironman mindset and why you need to be prepared to grind. We talk about rolling starts and why we believe they are more dangerous than mass starts. We get into HOW to practice for a rough Ironman swim. Don’t get lulled to sleep in peaceful lanes are your local pool. Open water swimming is about being strong and expending the least amount of energy.

#527 – Listener Questions and Answers! show art #527 – Listener Questions and Answers!

Crushing Iron Triathlon Podcast

You drive the podcast today with some great questions. Off-season nutrition, on course nutrition, when should you back off and train your body to use fat? Also, does training to qualify for Worlds or Kona look different? How to train for heat when it’s not hot. Standing on the bike, yes, no, maybe? Using the right power numbers. Trainer vs. Indoor riding. And how to “think” about experience in this sport and use it to race smarter than everyone else. 

#526 – Regression and Depression Traps show art #526 – Regression and Depression Traps

Crushing Iron Triathlon Podcast

This is actually a positive vibe, but we know Halloween can kick off the “excuse period” for a lot of athletes. Life is hard enough without what we’ve been doing through the last year and the holidays only make it harder. Today we talk about energy, vibration, guilt, shame and how to beat the vicious circles to keep moving the right direction. You don’t have to nail every single workout… you just need to move and connect.

#525 – A Long-Term Relationship With Your Health show art #525 – A Long-Term Relationship With Your Health

Crushing Iron Triathlon Podcast

Many of us have long-term relationships with a particular race, but how many have long-term relationships with our health? Today, we look at clarifying our “why” along with recognizing what makes us feel good. We look at “why” we train, why we race, and why we tend to heap so much stress on ourselves. We look at balance, getting unstuck, and the Mastery of “just feeling good.”

#524 – Create Challenge and Lean Into Life show art #524 – Create Challenge and Lean Into Life

Crushing Iron Triathlon Podcast

2020 forced and taught a lot of people to lean into the side of taking the easy road. Today we get into why it’s more important than ever to do hard things and push your comfort zone. It’s really easy to get obsessed with time goals, but creating challenges and experiences in life is more powerful. We get into why it’s important to be fun, flexible, find the kid inside and try new things or something out of the norm. 

More Episodes

While this one is mainly about swimming and getting faster in the water, there are a lot of things that transfer into training for bike and run. We talk about understanding how to improve in the swim, how to descend intervals by effort and engaging the full stroke. We also get into where your power zone is and how it translates to the bike and how you can create more time to breathe. Find your gears in the water. 


  • Are you “at home” in the pool?
  • Are you wasting ability?
  • Swim goals
  • Understanding HOW to get better and faster
  • Testing as the method?
  • Recognizing when you’re in good shape
  • Testing is like racing
  • When you don’t have Zone 4 or Zone 5
  • Swimming intervals
  • How to descend swim intervals by effort
  • Slow - Fast - Nothing in between
  • Finding multiple gears in the water
  • Engaging the full stroke 
  • Inches matter
  • Negative splitting intervals AND sets
  • Creating more time to breathe 
  • The power Zone in swimming
  • Swim and pedal stroke similarities
  • Full Swim stroke
  • The key is momentum
  • Early vertical forearm 


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