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236 Key Why’s & How’s of Celebrating Your Team

Live and Lead for Impact with Kirsten E. Ross

Release Date: 12/13/2021

281 Hamish MacDonald - Control Your Data show art 281 Hamish MacDonald - Control Your Data

Live and Lead for Impact with Kirsten E. Ross

281 Hamish MacDonald The Sovereignty Network Originally from New Zealand, Hamish has been building medical software for nearly two decades around the world, including the US, Japan, Australia, New Zealand and South East Asia. His goal is to have people everywhere be able to get and control their healthcare data - including owning it as a personal asset so they can financially benefit from it.  https://www.linkedin.com/company/53207665/admin/    Linked In @SovereigntyNet   Twitter https://www.facebook.com/thesovereigntynetwork  

279 Becca Ribbing - Circle of Uncertainty show art 279 Becca Ribbing - Circle of Uncertainty

Live and Lead for Impact with Kirsten E. Ross

279 Becca Ribbing Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/beccajoyribbing Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/beccaribbing/ Linkedin: https://www.linkedin.com/in/beccaribbing/ Twitter:   Becca Ribbing is the author of The Clarity Journal and has been a coach for over a decade. She's on a mission to help people break out of the cycles of uncertainty and struggle that hold them back. She helps women going back and forth with the big, seemingly endless question of what to do next—so they can stop going around in circles and finally figure out what they truly want and create the clarity and...

277 Liam Martin - Remote Rockstar show art 277 Liam Martin - Remote Rockstar

Live and Lead for Impact with Kirsten E. Ross

277 Liam Martin - Remote Rockstar Liam runs one of the most popular time tracking and productivity platforms in use by top brands today - Time Doctor. He is also a co-organizer of the world's largest remote work conference — Running Remote. Whenever possible, Liam encourages others to work remotely and actively promotes remote work. His products and services are defined by the concept of giving workers the flexibility to work wherever they want, whenever they want. Liam has also co-authored a book - Running Remote - focused on remote work methodology. In this revolutionary guide, Liam and...

275 Jeremy Slate - Care About Your Content show art 275 Jeremy Slate - Care About Your Content

Live and Lead for Impact with Kirsten E. Ross

275 Jeremy Slate Command Your Brand https://twitter.com/JeremyRyanSlate https://www.facebook.com/Jeremyryanslate/ https://www.instagram.com/jeremyryanslate/ https://www.linkedin.com/in/jeremy-ryan-slate-bb7b284a/ Jeremy Ryan Slate is an entrepreneur, media expert, author and CEO and founder of Command Your Brand. He studied literature at Oxford University and is a former champion powerlifter that helps visionary founders to impact the world and better mankind through podcasting and new media to create trust and opinion leader status. Podcast Magazine just included Jeremy on their 2022 40...

273 Cathy Cassani Adams - Zen Parenting show art 273 Cathy Cassani Adams - Zen Parenting

Live and Lead for Impact with Kirsten E. Ross

273 Cathy Cassani Adams - Zen Parenting https://twitter.com/zenparenting https://www.facebook.com/ZenParenting Cathy Cassani Adams, LCSW, co-hosts the Zen Parenting Radio podcast and is author of Zen Parenting: Caring for Ourselves and Our Children in an Unpredictable World (Hachette, 2/22) and Living What You Want Your Kids to Learn: The Power of Self-Aware Parenting (2014) which won which won a Nautilus Award, National Indie Excellence Award, and an International Book Award. She is a clinical social worker, certified parent coach, former elementary school educator, and yoga teacher. Cathy...

271 Melissa Keenan - Feminine Empowerment show art 271 Melissa Keenan - Feminine Empowerment

Live and Lead for Impact with Kirsten E. Ross

271 Melissa Keenan Melisa Keenan helps high powered female CEOs use their feminine energy as a 10X growth strategy. Her clients produce more while doing less by mastering their 'Feminine CEO.' She is a keynote speaker, USA Today Bestselling & International Bestselling Author, and the go-to intimacy expert for business women. Facebook Group:   MYImpactAcademy.com/Join

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Live and Lead for Impact with Kirsten E. Ross

269 Kimberly Gerber - Excelerate As the Founder and CEO of Excelerate, Kimberly Gerber has developed a transformational coaching process that combines high-touch experiences with cutting-edge science and technology to deliver programs that accelerate the thinking, behavior and results of her clients and the companies they lead. Prior to founding Excelerate in 2002, Kimberly was a Fortune 100 executive herself. She understands the unique responsibilities that come at the executive level and has created leadership programs to help executives think strategically, elevate their presence, finesse...

267 Kison Patel: Mindful Planning and Visibility  show art 267 Kison Patel: Mindful Planning and Visibility

Live and Lead for Impact with Kirsten E. Ross

267 Kison Patel: Mindful Planning and Visibility  https://www.linkedin.com/in/kisonpatel/ https://www.facebook.com/kisonpatel https://www.instagram.com/kison_patel/ https://twitter.com/DealRoomInc Kison Patel is the Founder and CEO of M&A Science, with a passion to drive the M&A industry forward. He was an M&A advisor for ten years in which he sold larger companies such as commercial banks and hotel chains. In 2012, he noticed teams lacked efficient technology to manage deals and created DealRoom, an M&A lifecycle management platform. In 2016, he started the M&A...

265 Tom Finn: Deploy Support Anywhere show art 265 Tom Finn: Deploy Support Anywhere

Live and Lead for Impact with Kirsten E. Ross

265 Tom Finn: Deploy Support Anywhere Tom Finn is the co-founder and CEO of LeggUP®, the first company to insure employee retention for their clients. Spending his entire career in the insurance industry, Tom possesses a wealth of experience in employee benefits, InsurTech, business development, and revenue strategies— all central to the company’s unique offering, Talent Insurance™. Talent Insurance provides a single platform for personalized professional development and mental health support for a fraction of the cost to small and medium-sized businesses. ...

263 Josh Little: Meaningful Communication show art 263 Josh Little: Meaningful Communication

Live and Lead for Impact with Kirsten E. Ross

263 Josh Little: Meaningful Communication Josh Little is the founder of four tech companies–Maestro, Bloomfire, Quizzer, and Volley–that have collectively been used by hundreds of millions of people and featured in TechCrunch, Mashable, Entrepreneur, Inc, and Forbes. With two successful exits and a third anticipated, he’s currently on a mission to provide the world with a more meaningful way to communicate with his fourth creation, Volley–a video messaging app. Do what you say or say something else. MYImpactAcademy.com/Join

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EP 236 Key Why’s & How’s of Celebrating Your Team 

Summary:  To create a great culture you must pair accountability with celebration, praise and recognition. 

As leaders we and, as an extension, our teams, can become extremely task oriented, which is good.  However, with a full focus on outcomes leaders can unintentionally miss opportunities to acknowledge progress or celebrate success.  In this circumstance, the team just moves immediately from one task and project to the next and there’s lost opportunity to unite as a community, acknowledge accomplishments and celebrate. 

Years ago, someone asked me what my definition of success was.  At first it seemed like a really simple question.  Once I started thinking about it, however, I realized it was more complex.  In the end, after much contemplation, I arrived at a definition that has served me since.  Success is best defined with a perfect blend of celebration for what you’ve achieved and some discontent that ignites excitement about what will come next.  

Focusing on only what comes next leaves you constantly yearning for a future that hasn’t happened yet, always driving towards achievement to relieve your discontent.  


Living with only celebration for what has already occurred, however, can leave you feeling unmotivated. I did that big thing. Now what? And it’s also a full focus on the past. 

A healthy team needs a blend of both. Most often it is the celebration side of the equation that gets less attention. As we work to do more with smaller teams our busyness, understandably, has us hyper-focusing on task completion.  And, when challenges, hiccups or emergencies arise we must shift our attention there for an immediate reaction and response.

So, be intentional about building in praise.

Celebration, recognition and praise can be simple and don’t have to require a lot of time or planning.  

As you integrate celebration, make sure it is spread throughout the organization. Most teams engage in activities that require participation from individuals across departments. Some work behind the scenes while others are more front and center. No team functions well without the whole and every task is important. 

There is a tendency to focus on the people or departments at the front of the effort and a missed opportunity to show gratitude for those working behind the scenes.  This can create division within the organization.

Humans will work to win accolades, sometimes even subconsciously. Recognition that focuses too much on those at the front may motivate teams to prioritize their own work over where they can support from behind.  The thought, “If I can focus on our team’s agenda perhaps we will be acknowledged.” This can delay important organization work. Instead make appreciation and acknowledgement abundant. Get teams working together towards common goals rather than working to meet their own departmental agendas first.

I believe that there is an innate human desire to be known, acknowledged and appreciated.  When gratitude is a scarce resource you end up fostering a “what about me” syndrome.  Any little crumb of acknowledgement or appreciation to one person leaves others thinking, “yes, but what about me?”  Humans yearn for appreciation when it is lacking.  For the good of the team, the goal is to spread gratitude abundantly but authentically.   

Focus on looking for reasons to celebrate.  From a perception perspective, our brains are miraculous!  They are able to take in millions of pieces of data in every second.  As humans, we are only able to focus on about 6 to 7 pieces of data at once, however.  We train our brains to keep certain data available for ready access.  We get to choose which data to notice, retain and act on.  There are opportunities for you to thank your team.  You just may not be in the habit of looking.  If this is the case, re-train your brain by practicing.  Seek out a set number of opportunities to appreciate someone weekly or daily.  

Maybe you are unwilling to thank people for some reason.  Some clients I’ve worked with are uncomfortable giving praise.  If this is you, work on it or seek out a coach who can help you.  Either way, choosing to look for things to celebrate will help you re-align your focus to the positive things happening.  There are plenty.  

Celebration is an important element to bringing a team together.  Look how excited football players get during a game! Grown men high five and pat each other.  Celebration motivates everyone towards a common goal.  Set achievable goals and then celebrate when you achieve them.  Celebration doesn’t have to mean party hats and champagne.  It can be ringing a bell, playing a victory song, high fiving, sending out a congratulations email to the team, writing out a card, having a pizza lunch.

Individual acknowledgement can come in many forms.  Employees who are asked to weigh in on an idea or participate in designing the roll out of a new program feel trusted and valued.  You can also provide opportunities for team members to present at organization events or to your Board.  New and special opportunities are a great way to help someone feel special.


  • Show plenty of appreciation to all. Make recognition abundant but authentic.

  • Catch employees doing something good and let them know.

  • Make sure that acknowledgments after events or program rollouts include both the front and center teams and the employees who worked in the background.

  • Leaders, change your mindset.  Be on the lookout for the good every day. Create specific goals daily or weekly to show authentic appreciation.

  • Take a moment to acknowledge the cool things happening. Even if it’s in a small way. Hit a gong or bell or send out a group email when something goes well. 

  • Utilize “Wow” Boards, a place to showcase letters of appreciation from customers and thank you’s from employees to their team mates.

  • Seek out ways to reward employees with special opportunities to represent the organization, speak at an event or attend or share at a Board Meeting. Time with you or other leaders in your team is also likely a coveted reward.