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814: An Itch no McBreakfast can Scratch

Into Your Head

Release Date: 04/13/2024

Neal illustrates the Mandela Effect phenomenom using Status Quo’s discography, reevaluates Popeye, changes your mind about socks and discusses what we know about helicoptors, how elevators should work, a clever trick for locating a cordless phone with ham, why holes in food are useful, why the sausage thing last time was a bit much, defining the face’s perimeter, the trouble with peeling, why boiled sweets and gum are superfoods, a new way to think about litter, an itch no McDonalds breakfast can scratch and more. Then concludes with some helpful orientation for the recent influx of new listeners, assuming they use the same bus route.

CORRECTIONS AND CLARIFICATIONS: The song I mentioned with incorrect tune and incorrect lyric “There’s something going on (repeat ad nauseum)” in fact goes “…stop
Children, what’s that sound? Everybody look, what’s going down?” I knew it had t be something along those lines.

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