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815: No to Intestinal Retrieval No to Intestinal Retrival

Into Your Head

Release Date: 05/08/2024

Neal looks at how dogs instintively guard agains snout detachment, how the savvy traveller uses their tailwind Time Savings, why your burner phone doesn’t make you a loser. Stephen King’s afterlude process, fun toilet cistern disposal methods, the entrhalling possibilities of 360 degree facial philosophy,  a plumbing experiment of which the listener will already knows the outcome, why frostbite stopped being fun, the something very special that the chef made just for you, anticipating a Phil Hartman crimomentary, a confusing  2016 reboot of Falling Down (1993) and I don’t mean Comedian (also 2016), stock motionising this podcast in the style of Morph (BBC) to make it believable, Rome being built in a day and the marketing thereof, pros and cons of tailwind underruns, how to animate The Joker with glass and paint, legitmate dog-related academia, Dropbox settings lessons from Aron Ralston’s canyon self-amputation survial, bookkeepers versus librarians, considering just-in-time logistics for libraries, an Italian chef’s far superiors atitude illustrated by fortune cookie and more.

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