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820: Talking Cat Cuss Therapy

Into Your Head

Release Date: 06/16/2024

Neal examines what we know about farm animal cravings, contemplates career progression in a firm of guitarists, reimagines Sinéad O’Connor’s SNL pope photo protest, exposes the restaurant toothpick scam and discusses humanely expelling a wasp, why movie trailors shouldn’t be free, recreational self injury (non-psychotic), rib geneology, taking the weight off your hands, comparable dog segments on other podcasts, guitar anatomy and calcium, how stage magicians find a balance, standing desks versus counters, the problem with the back office on Cheers, Charlie Brown’s original teacher, the trouble with Guinness Plus, a fictional Joe Rogan experience, a non-existant barman’s existential crisis, a cat’s cuss-word therapy, papier mache solid fuel memories and more.

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