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"Amid Mud and Exploding Stumps...A Library"

Everett Public Library Podcasts

Release Date: 09/24/2019

The Once & Future River, by Eric Wagner and Tom Reese show art The Once & Future River, by Eric Wagner and Tom Reese

Everett Public Library Podcasts

The Lone Reader turns his gaze to this series of essays and photos describing the fate of the lower Duwamish River, which empties into Elliott Bay in Seattle.   cc Audio: Early morning on Yaquina Bay, by daveincamas Inderhalle  

"The Education of an Idealist," by Samantha Power

Everett Public Library Podcasts

Samantha "Sam" Power's memoir of her time as a close confidant to President Barack Obama in the realm of foreign affairs. Music: String Quartet No. 14 in D minor "Death and the Maiden," by Franz Schubert, courtesy of the Isabella Stewart Gardner Museum  

"Nomadland," by Jessica Bruder

Everett Public Library Podcasts

Reveals the hidden world of "nomads," financially strapped older people that live in vans and cheap RVs, driving where their work takes them. Music: Darkdance, by Eric Kanold  

Ladies and Gentlemen, the Embarrassment show art Ladies and Gentlemen, the Embarrassment

Everett Public Library Podcasts

Mr. Neutron gives the skinny on this early Lawrence, KS punk band, whose music is "somewhat repetitive, minimal, slow to develop, without much growth or direction. Vocals are stylistically odd and sparse. There is a sloppy feel to the whole endeavor. But it all works together brilliantly!"

"This Chair Rocks," by Ashton Applewhite

Everett Public Library Podcasts

A manifesto against the belief that older people are weak, drab, depressed, dimwitted clones of one another. Music: Blues Jam 2011, by Steve Belong  

Fruitvale Station / Blindspotting show art Fruitvale Station / Blindspotting

Everett Public Library Podcasts

Alan takes us on a social justice trip to Oakland, through the medium of two recent films: 2013's "Fruitvale Station" and 2018's "Blindspotting."     Music: Flatwound: A View Southward, by John Pazdan

A Tale of 2 Cities, Punk Version show art A Tale of 2 Cities, Punk Version

Everett Public Library Podcasts

What do Akron Ohio and Portland Oregon have in common? Why, iconic first-wave punk music. Mr. Neutron elucidates...

"The Dreamt Land," by Mark Arax

Everett Public Library Podcasts

The story of the engineering of California's water supply. California leads the way, so they say. Unfortunately, as regards water, it seems to be leading us down a sinkhole. Music: Supernal Liquid (Reign Water Remix)

The Name of This Band Is the Talking Heads show art The Name of This Band Is the Talking Heads

Everett Public Library Podcasts

At times funky, possible progenitors of post-punk, filled with the occasional outburst of bubbly pop music, Talking Heads brought a healthy arsenal of tools to their repertoire.

"Deep Thinking," by Garry Kasparov

Everett Public Library Podcasts

Garry Kasparov, one of the strongest world chess champions of all time, also grew into his prime during the rise of computer chess-playing programs. This is Kasparov's story of the evolution of these programs, including his 1997 loss to the IBM-funded Deep Blue, a dedicated chess-playing supercomputer able to analyze 200 million positions per second.      Music: Petak 13Friday13, by Tomo Sombolac

More Episodes

A new Everett Public Library (WA) audio podcast brings to life the early history of Everett Public Library, in which a small group of determined Everett women parlayed political muscle and donated books into an enduring civic institution. The podcast is part of the City’s observance of the 125th anniversary of the library’s birth.

21 min.

Voice actors: Abigail Cooley, Van Ramsey, Mindy Van Wingen, Ron Averill, Lisa Labovitch, Andrea Wallis, Carol Ellison, Eileen Schnarr, Alan Jacobson, Joyce Peter, Laura McCarty, Cameron Johnson.

Script: Cameron Johnson

Audio editing: Cameron Johnson


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