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ES044 How to Have a Thriving Independent Business w/ Nancy Bos

Every Sing

Release Date: 11/06/2018

Casper Babypants Strikes Again ES060 show art Casper Babypants Strikes Again ES060

Every Sing

Chris Ballew - aka Casper Babypants and lead singer of the band Presidents of the USA - gave us so many great takeaways about why we sing, in his interview in Jan 2018 - almost 3 years ago. I had to bring it back to your attention. You'll be inspired by the deep messages about Chris's journey from the top of the industry in PUSA to becoming a children's singer.

Tears and Vulnerability with Lisa Horst Clark ES059 show art Tears and Vulnerability with Lisa Horst Clark ES059

Every Sing

In this episode we begin to look at the pros and cons of vulnerability for the singer/performer and for the audience. Lisa advises us, preach from your scars, not from your wounds.

Facing Denial About Singing ES058 show art Facing Denial About Singing ES058

Every Sing

Is it possible that society's denial of singing is perhaps based in individual's fears around their own singing! It is easier to act like singing isn't important than to face the fears that most of us have around singing.

Singing is Healing with Constanza Roeder ES057 show art Singing is Healing with Constanza Roeder ES057

Every Sing

Constanza Roeder came back for a 2nd time to share the incredible value of singing for healing. (hear her full story in Ep. 41)

Can Menopause Affect the Singing Voice ES056 show art Can Menopause Affect the Singing Voice ES056

Every Sing

During the menopausal transition, which can start ten years before menopause and last for several more years after, there will be times when hormones fluctuate substantially from day to day. The voice, unfortunately, can seem unreliable and unpredictable because of the hormone roller coaster.

Sing for Life with Jeanne Kelly ES054 show art Sing for Life with Jeanne Kelly ES054

Every Sing

Jeanne Kelly feels so strongly about her favorite thing to say, "sing for life," that she founded the non-profit Encore Creativity for Older Adults. The main emphasis of the organization is choirs for 55+ year olds from 28 different states. Encore Choirs understand the benefits of singing for each person, and helps seniors sing, through non-auditioned ensembles.

Choir Go Forth and UnMute ES053 show art Choir Go Forth and UnMute ES053

Every Sing

Singers can't meet. We are in the middle of a pandemic of an airborne virus. But choirs are essential. So how can we keep singing.

Singing is Essential with Dr. Lynne Gackle ES052 show art Singing is Essential with Dr. Lynne Gackle ES052

Every Sing

Dr. Lynne Gackle is President of the American Choral Directors Association, author of the book Finding Ophelia's Voice, Opening Ophelia's Heart: Nurturing the Adolescent Female Voice: An Exploration of the Physiological, Psychological, and Musical Developments of Female Students, and Director of choral activities Baylor University.

Why Singing is More Than Performing ES055 show art Why Singing is More Than Performing ES055

Every Sing

According Lynn Helding in her book, The Musician’s Mind, “One of the best techniques shown to sustain motivation and keep attention on track is goal-setting, the conscious act of listing one or several goals that one wishes to reach. On the surface, it can look like giving performances is the main goal of singers. I propose, however, that the performance is way down the list of goals for all singers. There are so many other reasons why a singer sings, and sometimes performing doesn’t even factor in.

Why We Sing ES051 show art Why We Sing ES051

Every Sing

In this episode of Every Sing podcast, Nancy discusses why we sing, the reason that singing is not the same as performing, who singers are, and asks the question, "Why don't we sing more."

More Episodes

A Thriving Independent Business is a path for a creative entrepreneur to reach their goals toward realizing their passion. Creatives must focus on a priority, a passion that causes “angry compassion” to drive them toward living their fullest life. That can’t be done working for someone else. The key is an independent business. But don’t loose sight of the goal - it can be all to easy to get lost and lose motivation. This episode will shine a light on your journey.

What is “Business”?

  • “Business" is your entire service/education business
  • Does Business also encompass your own singing/performing and other aspects of your entrepreneurial life?

What is “Independent”?

  • Your income is not dependent upon a long-term employer. 
  • Your income is free from outside control; not depending on another's authority.

What is “Thriving”?

  • To Flourish
  • To Prosper
  • To Succeed

What Is Not “Thriving”?

  • Fail

Why do we need to thrive?

  • Passion for our work (different from elation or ecstasy).
  • We care so deeply about the outcome that we commit ourselves to the outcome, whatever comes.
  • What fills you with compassionate anger? 
  • Ultimately you will change the world around you.

Todd Henry from Die Empty and Accidental Creative Podcast

“You have to be burning with an idea, or a problem, or a wrong that you want to right. If you’re not passionate enough from the start, you’ll never stick it out.” Steve Jobs

Goals and Behavior

What we pay attention to is what we are capable of changing. 

Every time we act in alignment with who we want to become, it is incredibly empowering and affirming. 

Goals vs actions

  • Habits
  • Priority vs priorities

From Brodie Welch on The Entrepreneurial Musician podcast

Why Accept the Challenge?

It is easier to not change, but you are not done - ever. You will never reach a point where you should just maintain. Growth (of some sort) is always necessary to avoid lots of bad stuff.

Business Evolution

The last time you set your business goals you might have been a different person.  Reassess yourself, reassess your business identity. 

How does your business (and you) embody self respect? Be the change you want to see in the world. 

How can you model self respect for your students. 

Is exhaustion a badge of honor?

Growing vs Maintaining vs Pruning

Are you adding without subtracting?

Not everything should grow always and for all time - choose what to maintain and what to grow.

Diversify your income sources. 

Diversify your working style.

Take Steps On the Path of Your Passion