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50 - Russ Terry - Success Through Gratitude - Why it's Time to Change Your Attitude

Excellence Expected - Volume #1 of the UK's premier, straight talking business podcast.

Release Date: 04/05/2015

Gratitude is rarely spoken about and often overlooked in business.

In business, be grateful for any opportunity that comes your way. Be grateful for getting a job interview, be grateful for finding new clients, be grateful for your staff of employees. Show gratitude in your voice and actions. You want to create a culture of positivity in your business.

However, maintain a balance and do not focus entirely on work. Otherwise, you will burn out or get into a rut. Be grateful for all kinds of things from family and friends to a parking space. From business opportunities to cheese curls and Yorkshire Tea.

Start a gratitude journal. Document what you are grateful for: people, places, experience, things, feelings, and tangible items. You start to focus on being grateful and things you take for granted.

We don’t always feel grateful for what we have, so get into the habit of being grateful. There are so many things that happen during the day, so there is for surely something to be grateful for each and every day. 

About Russ:

Russ is based in New York City and works with more than 75 clients. As a business, life, and career coach, he helps so many people realize their dreams and passions through gratitude.

He is the author of, “My Gratitude Journal,” in which he documented different expression of gratitude every day.

Challenged Issue:

In this podcast, we are challenging you to be more gracious in your approach to business; and look at what that karma can bring to you and your enterprise.

Russ’s Actionable Tips:

  1. Start a gratitude journal. Use whatever format you prefer – pen and paper, Word document, Excel spreadsheet, etc. Your life will be changed for the better!
  2. Encourage and inspire others to document what they are grateful for every day.
  3. Support Russ’s mission to change the world to become more grateful. Buy his books or contact him. 

Top Quotes:

  • “When you open your mind and think of different things to be grateful for, the examples keep flowing like a bountiful river.”
  • “You become a lot more positive as a person.”
  • “Even though I was angry, I was able to find something to be grateful for.”
  • “My biggest thing with gratitude is grateful for things, people, places, experiences, feelings and intangible items.”
  • “In life, the more balanced you are, the more at peace you are.”
  • “When you start down this path, you will be amazed.”
  • “You can go out there and create situations to be grateful for.”
  • “Gratitude helps increase confidence.”

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Key Timestamps:

  • 00:47 Challenged issue
  • 00:56 Guest introduction
  • 02:18 My Gratitude Journal
  • 03:49 Examples of gratitude
  • 05:33 Looking for reasons for gratitude
  • 06:40 Russ Terry’s journey
  • 08:29 Gratitude in business
  • 09:58 Being positive and grateful
  • 11:58 Tangible benefits to business
  • 14:49 Starting small
  • 15:59 Forming a habit
  • 17:14 Challenges in business
  • 20:19 Actionable tips
  • 25:58 Guest’s links

Don’t forget, the more you expect from yourself the more you WILL excel!