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S1:E1 - Offseason Recap with Jamie Houselog

Fed Up!

Release Date: 04/03/2024


In this episode, Josh and Jamie discuss the off-season in the Federal League. They talk about the realignment of divisions, the addition of new teams, and the rule changes for the upcoming season. They also discuss their experiences playing and managing in the league and the challenges of balancing both roles.


Federal League, off-season, realignment, divisions, rule changes, new teams, playing, managing


The off-season in the Federal League involved realignment of divisions and the addition of new teams.
The biggest change was the expansion from four divisions to seven.
Rule changes include reducing the number of playoff exceptions and counting games against forfeiting teams as official games.
Managing and playing in the league can be challenging, but having a trusted assistant can help.
The Federal League is a competitive and well-respected baseball league.


00:00 Intro
01:56 New Chapter
02:45 Realignment and Rule Changes
02:48 New Chapter 2
04:44 Vetting New Teams
05:40 Considerations for Admitting Teams
06:41 New Teams Added
08:20 Recapping the Off-Season Activities
10:13 Field of Dreams Game
11:46 Winter Meetings and Rule Changes
13:33 Playoff Exceptions and Pay for Play
14:28 Roster Expansion and Game Counting
19:49 Factors in Realignment
26:30 Upcoming Season and Early Games
26:56 Balancing Manager and Player Roles