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2021 Hanukkah Gift Guide Giveaway!

Fashion Crimes Podcast

Release Date: 11/26/2021

Designer Spotlight: Tie-Dye With Made By Keeper show art Designer Spotlight: Tie-Dye With Made By Keeper

Fashion Crimes Podcast

You know loves nothing more than hunting down new designers for y’all, and this week, we have a super-fun and super on-trend designer with us on the show: Lindsay of !    This “Designer Spotlight” shines on Made By Keeper, who creates and fashions. If you don’t know what that is – then, helleeerrrr...that is why WE are here! #duh #youarewelcome   Designer Lindsay has been tie-dying everything she could get her hands on since she was a kid – using things like Kool-Aid and avocados, and just about anything with a strong, stainable color. (Her mother must have just...

Designer Spotlight: Sustainable Della Terra Shoes show art Designer Spotlight: Sustainable Della Terra Shoes

Fashion Crimes Podcast

This week on the “Designer Spotlight” guest series, we are shining our light on sustainable shoe designer, Emily Landsman Archila of , who is now - of course - our new brand bestie!  What is “sustainable fashion”?  Well, is here to tell you, because YOU NEED TO KNOW!  Go right now and listen to this week’s podcast: “” A little background:  Della Terra has a mission to be an ethical and inclusive brand continuously working towards sustainability. With sustainability, accessibility, and inclusivity at the forefront of the brand, they embrace and support all...

What to Wear to a Funeral show art What to Wear to a Funeral

Fashion Crimes Podcast

  It is the beginning of the new year. And we have been getting a lot of requests for what to wear for this, what to wear for that? What should I do? What should I get? Should I buy something new? Should I wear something I already have? And unfortunately, the number one question get’s is this:   What To Wear To A Funeral?   Listen to the new episode now     This week, your favorite stylist Holly Katz has been watching like it's her job this past week. Like EVERYONE. #DUH   Everyone loves those Girls! Holly loves them, all of her gays love them, Nolan loves...

How to Buy a Winter Coat show art How to Buy a Winter Coat

Fashion Crimes Podcast

  In case you missed the memo: It's cold as ______ (you fill in the blank) in most parts of the country right about now, and if you are like us, you are digging into the back of your closet, looking for ANYTHING warm to wear.    Lucky for you, our very best fairy gaymother and Gal-About-Town, , is back on this week's podcast to share his professional insights on #WinterCoats: what to wear, what will actually keep you warm, and how not to break the bank!   LISTEN TO THE NEW EPISODE !   Don't you dare put a ski parka on over...

What to Wear For New Year's Eve show art What to Wear For New Year's Eve

Fashion Crimes Podcast

Socks or Sequins? In or Out? This year, THAT is the burning question. But no matter what your plans are for #NewYearsEve, your favorite personal stylist has picked out the perfect outfits for whatever 2022 brings you. Be sure to catch this week's of the #FashionCrimesPodcast to get Holly's #FashionInspiration for going out on the town - or staying in to enjoy a cozy and indulgent night at home. OUT WITH A BANG? So, are you going out? Are you going to someone's house? To a restaurant? Maybe a swanky hotel party? Well, as Holly likes to say: "To sequin or not to sequin?" That is today's other...

Christmas Style Gift Guide & Giveaway show art Christmas Style Gift Guide & Giveaway

Fashion Crimes Podcast

Ho Ho Ho, #Fashion Friends! And Happy HOLLY Days!   If you are not ready for Christmas, it is not our fault. Because we are on our SECOND – count ‘em, TWO, holiday #styleguides and gift giveaways - and Holly has been telling you since freaking Hanukkah what to wear for your events, and what gifts to buy for people you like. This week , we have been running the #FashionCrimesPodcasts Christmas Style Guide and Gift Giveaway – valued at over $525, which features more designer #BestieBrands that YOU NEED TO KNOW NOW! #duh As you know, our favorite personal stylist Holly Katz is on a...

How to Buy a Handbag show art How to Buy a Handbag

Fashion Crimes Podcast

If you're trying to convince someone that they should buy you a bag this holiday season, we're not mad at you. If you've been saving this big ticket item for your list, fear no more. We got you. Um, you're welcome, because......sheeeee’s baaaack!! Our favorite high fashion guru, , the QUEEN, fairy gaymother and best gay that he is, is back to give us the 411 on the #handbags you need to buy – and the handbags you CAN buy! He. Knows. All. Bags.  Holly and Nolan are here this week to give you handbag-buying strategies: what to spend, what to buy, where to buy. And you need to trust us...

How to be the Hottest Dish at Holiday Dinner show art How to be the Hottest Dish at Holiday Dinner

Fashion Crimes Podcast

Ho, Ho, Ho, Fashion Friends! FYI and Fashion News Alert: It's December, y’all! Um, sorry- how did we get here? Wasn't it summer just last week? This week, your favorite personal stylist is talking about the Who, What, When, Where and Why of holiday style, and how to dress for not only holiday events, but for the whole month of December. Join us as we discuss style options and trends for this holiday season. The holidays can bring out the best - and unfortunately - the worst in holiday style. Figuring out what to wear when you are already stressed about the holidays can be too much for some...

2021 Hanukkah Gift Guide Giveaway! show art 2021 Hanukkah Gift Guide Giveaway!

Fashion Crimes Podcast

We know, we know: it’s Thanksgiving and Black Friday, but in addition, #HANUKKAH is super early this year!  So, your favorite stylist, Holly Katz, has hand-picked some very fashionable gift ideas to share with y’all! #OneForTheJews Introducing the Fashion Crimes Podcast Hanukkah Gift Guide, packed with stylish items from our #BestieBrands: women-owned, independent designers and creator brands who live and breathe the slow-fashion movement.  We want you to #ShopSmall this year (and always, duh)! Oh, and don’t let us forget to tell you at the end of the show: we have a Hanukkah...

Designer Spotlight: Nicky Bandera of Project Paulie show art Designer Spotlight: Nicky Bandera of Project Paulie

Fashion Crimes Podcast

New Bestie Alert! ‘Tis the season of giving, and we have some serious SOUL FOOD for you this week as we welcome a LIFE-CHANGING designer who gives back to the world with her tomato-forward brand , and new retail store called . Did you know? Not only is Holly “The Best Fashion Friend You Never Knew You Needed,” but she is also on a mission to hunt down and highlight women-owned fashion brands and businesses and bring them into the spotlight, because let’s face it: Who Runs The World? GIRLS! #duh #beyonce This week our Designer Spotlight is shining on of Boston. Nicky tells us that her...

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We know, we know: it’s Thanksgiving and Black Friday, but in addition, #HANUKKAH is super early this year!  So, your favorite stylist, Holly Katz, has hand-picked some very fashionable gift ideas to share with y’all! #OneForTheJews

Introducing the Fashion Crimes Podcast Hanukkah Gift Guide, packed with stylish items from our #BestieBrands: women-owned, independent designers and creator brands who live and breathe the slow-fashion movement. 

We want you to #ShopSmall this year (and always, duh)!

Oh, and don’t let us forget to tell you at the end of the show: we have a Hanukkah Gift Giveaway event going on right now on the Fashion Crimes Podcast Instagram account, running through Nov. 28, 2021.

Stay tuned for how to enter! 

Anyhoo, Holly has been busy scouting one-of-a-kind fashion items that are “Holly-Approved” and definitely not fashion crimes - nor gifts that will ever be exchanged or shoved in the back of a closet. 

In this week’s episode, we introduce 5 of our #BestieBrand designers and Holly’s recommendation for the best gifts ever:


Created by designer Samantha Dong in NYC, these shoes are made for walking! After suffering from heel pain and a serious hiking injury, Samantha had a difficult time finding comfortable and stylish shoes. So, she partnered with a podiatrist, a former innovative director at Nike, and a very talented designer to start this brand and create a truly pain-free high heel that still looks stylish!

Ally Shoes gorgeous styles - which include a classic pump, a kitten heel, a strap heel, and the wildly popular block heels - also offer many different sizes, with four different widths from narrow to extra wide. Shoe sizes run from 4 through 12, with half sizes, so anyone with any kind of foot shape can really find their perfect fit in our shoes.

Of course, we cannot recommend gift ideas without trying them on for you to check for fit and function. Holly fell in love with their style, of course. But as you will see if you visit her Instagram account, Holly is literally dancing and twirling in these amazing shoes. 

SHOP at https://www.ally.nyc


Second on our Gift Guide is modern, bohemian jewelry for jet setters, dream chasers and magic makers, created by designer Crista Grasso.

Holly met the glorious Crista in Arizona at the She Podcasts LIVE event this fall - and Holly knew instantly that this jewelry would be perfect for her clients, to give as gifts - and for all y'all!!

Criscara’s very affordable and sexy jewelry designs are 100% made in the USA and are a very high-quality fashion line that she created to help people express their individuality. Crista feels jewelry is a strong part of self-expression. So, when she wasn't finding anything that represented her, she started creating items for herself, and the rest is history.

Holly is really drawn to the boho, desert, festival, free spirit vibe. Crista loves layering necklaces, and she is well known for her hand- and foot-chains, which are some of her best sellers.

If you picture a bracelet connected to a ring and an anklet connected to a toe ring, that's the style she represents...easy, fun, boho and free-spirited. If you're heading out to a networking meeting, and you're shaking someone's hand, when you have these amazing hand-chains on, it's a great conversation starter. 


SHOP at https://criscara.com/



Amanda Pearl jewelry is a women founded, women run, sustainable fine jewelry brand providing revolutionary pricing and sustainable luxury. They are also famous for their celebrity-coveted clutches often worn on the red carpet by Meryl Streep, Michelle Obama and more! 

The Amanda Pearl team crafts lasting, fine jewelry every day of the year, which results in 60% off of traditional retail prices every day. There is no need to wait for sales. You get the best price every day! Their manufacturing and business models have cut out the middleman, and all of the markups that come with traditional retail, so they offer customers real, fair prices.

Their chic, fashion-forward jewelry is proudly crafted in New York City using recycled gold and ethical diamonds. They are trying to create as small a footprint as possible, making small collections throughout the year so that there's less waste by not mining metal or stones - and just being as gentle as they can on our planet. #motherearth

This business strategy also allows the brand to give 10% to a different cause each quarter. Right now they are giving to the Trust for Public Lands, who does amazing work creating and maintaining green spaces for us all to enjoy.

SHOP at https://amandapearl.com/


Vienne Milano is the first luxury hosiery brand and online boutique dedicated to thigh high stockings. Their products are made in Italy for women who want to reveal their style and confidence by being elegant, playful and sexy in every occasion.

Stockings are a true fashion complement, as they can define the outfit - legs are a canvas for color and texture, thigh highs allow you to use it. Yet Vienne Milano is not just about making a fashion statement: by wearing thigh highs, a woman gains a little glamorous secret that provides her personality with an extra boost.

Vienne created her brand because she couldn't find thigh highs that would stay up on her leg. She used to work in corporate America and was trying to find stockings that were comfortable to wear to work, that were appropriate for work, and at a price point that she could afford to wear everyday, as well.

She had traveled to Europe since her teen years, and Italy was the first country in Europe she spent time in. She knew this style of hosiery existed in Europe, especially in Italy, so she spent three months there, almost 10 years ago now, sourcing products, and launched the business in 2011. 


Holly loves these stockings – and let us tell you – there ARE NOT your mother’s panty hose!! They are much more comfortable and come in various patterns, levels of opaque-ness and a variety of leg bands for comfort and style. Holly says they are GOR-GINA!!! And they are extremely luxurious and indulgent. #sochic


Shop at https://viennemilano.com/ 



Paridaez designs are modern, modular and minimalistic clothing essentials for life's everyday adventures. Everyday can be an adventure— that's why each piece of the Paridaez clothing lines can change into completely different articles of clothing. 


Allison Daroie, the CEO and founder of Paridaez, designed this line with utility in mind, so, you can easily transition from a professional setting, workout, evenings out, and it's great for travel. She taught herself to design, learned the production process, and bootstrapped the company because she wants other women to be ready for anything!


Holly is absolutely enthralled with this Boston-based brand because it is super functional and fun: she can put on one of the shirts, and then turn it around backward, where it becomes a different top.  She can then put it around her waist, and it becomes a skirt! What?? 


Even better – Allison’s clothes look amazing on everyone. Mainly because of the fabric they have chosen. Their main material is ponte, which is a rayon/nylon/lycra blend. The ponte knit is very opaque and always flattering, but still has a lot of stretch. It's very breathable, and looks really good in any setting. It's machine washable, driver, dryer, safe wicks, moisture. 

Shop at https://paridaez.com/

We are so grateful to each and every one of these BADASS BOSS LADIES, and the time they were able to spend with us on this episode. Not only have they given their time, but also their treasure, as each has given us items to create our Hanukkah Gift Giveaway, valued at over $500:

HOW TO ENTER our Giveaway:

1.) Like our Instagram posts this week!

2.) Follow our partner’s Instagram pages (below)!

3.) Tag 3 of your bestie friends in a comment!


      $100 Gift Certificate from Ally Shoes

      One Leaf Charm from Amanda Pearl

      $140 worth of luxury Italian-made stockings from Vienne Milano

      1 Pair of Earrings and one Cuff Bracelet from Criscara Jewelry

      $100 Gift Card from Paridaez clothing and accessories


Happy Hanukkah, Happy Shopping and Happy HOLLY days!!


- The Fashion Crimes Podcast

with your favorite personal stylist, Holly Katz 

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