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Designer Spotlight: Tie-Dye With Made By Keeper | EP 76

Fashion Crimes Podcast

Release Date: 01/27/2022

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You know Holly loves nothing more than hunting down new designers for y’all, and this week, we have a super-fun and super on-trend designer with us on the show: Lindsay of Made By Keeper

This “Designer Spotlight” episode shines on Made By Keeper, who creates ice dye and reverse dye fashions. If you don’t know what that is – then, helleeerrrr...that is why WE are here!

#duh #youarewelcome

Designer Lindsay has been tie-dying everything she could get her hands on since she was a kid – using things like Kool-Aid and avocados, and just about anything with a strong, stainable color. (Her mother must have just LOVED that!)

“I was always a creative kid. I would rather be in art class (or theater) instead of any other class. It wasn't until I was much older that my interests broadened to more than what I could learn in a classroom. One thing that always stuck was my love for the abstract. I've never been one to be symmetrical - could never draw a human form that looked right or a bowl of fruit that was lifelike.”

“Be a Fruit Loop in a bowl of Cheerios!”

- Linsday, Made By Keeper

Anyway, Holly and her husband - and of course Schmutz The Wonder Doodle - were walking on the West Side one day, and found Linsday at a street market in 72nd Street all decked out in the most AMAZEBALLS tie-dye from head to toe – so of course, Holly had to learn more. 

Holly fell in love with Lindsay’s tie-dyes (remember, she IS the best fashion friend you never knew you needed), especially the ultra-cool jogger sets, dog hoodies and adorable sets of kitchen towels and napkins. How great would those be as a summer house-warming gift!?  

So, we invited Linsday to the show to tell us all about the art of tie-dye, her creations and how she started her own woman-owned business. #bosslady #brandbestie

Fashion Crime Fact: The crime is here is not wearing tie-dye or too much tie-dye. 

The crime is not taking the time to appreciate something different, and not supporting women-owned small businesses, especially lesser-known artists and creators.  We love supporting women-owned small businesses! We love to shop small. We love creative people in the fashion industry that are doing good in the world. 

And by the way? These are not your Jerry Garcia tie-dyed T-shirts, folks. Not that there is anything wrong with that, but different animal entirely.

First, you should know that there are many styles and processes of tie-dying. Lindsay takes us through some of them from the traditional Batik and Shibori, to the techniques she uses which are ice dyes (yes, with ice) and reverse dyes. 

Holly’s Key Insights: This creative process is hard, people! It is an art form. It takes a long time to do. This is not your third-grade tie-dye. This is real, curated, thought-out, interesting, technical tie-dye.

It is done in a very special way. This is bringing it back to the bare bones of what you can be wearing and how to express your creativity and your individualism.  Be sure to check out our social posts and stories to see some of Lindsay’s technical processes. 

You can also see more on Instagram and Etsy, where you will find all the clothing and accessories Lindsay now creates. Her fashions are unisex, and have inclusive sizes from newborn and infant, up to size up to 6X: 

  • Joggers/Shorts
  • Hoodies/Sweatshirts
  • Dog Hoodies
  • Accessories
  • Beach Towels
  • Kitchen Towels
  • Ice Dyes
  • Reverse Dyes
  • Custom Dyes
  • Custom Shoes

Made by Keeper’s life goal? Total tie-dye world domination! Of course! 

And Lindsay is right on trend with that, Fashion Friends. Because in the era of work from home (WFH), guess what people are wearing? Loungewear, comfy wear, not their pajamas. 

As Holly says (and you know she says a lot), it’s OK to dress casually when working from home. BUT, if you need to dive behind your couch when the doorbell rings, then you need to get yourself dressed like a real adult every morning.  #jussayin

Fun Fashion Fact: Work from home does not mean you get to look like shit all day. #howtonotlooklikeshit #preach

But wait, there's more. Sneaker Heads Unite! Lindsay is also into transforming sneakers. Most of her work is one of a kind; just by nature of the beast. But she loves getting the opportunity to take on custom projects – and sneakers have been her jam of late.

This also falls into the area of sustainability: recreate your sneakers, items with stains, jeans, dye a sweater with your college colors - anything that is cotton and basically white can be transformed. 

Want more style advice from Holly? Of course you do. Be sure to head over to her Pinterest boards for some of her best fashion recommendations. 

That’s it for this week! Be sure to download this episode where ever you get your podcasts or at https://apple.co/2XXKHfC


"The Best Friend You Never Knew You Needed in Fashion" 

Hosted by your favorite personal stylist, Holly Katz!

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