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06: Ant-Man - Emmy Reactions - TV & Movie Talk (BoJack Horseman, Sense8, Humans, It Follows, The Affair, Bloodline)

Better Call Saul by Film Schlubs

Release Date: 07/20/2015

This week on FILM SCHLUBS, Brian and Dylan are joined by The Hollywood Reporter's Aaron Couch and Blake Larsen of Outlander Cast with Mary and Blake and The Living Reminders to discuss the latest installment in the Marvel Cinematic Universe: ANT-MAN.

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Show Notes

  • Non-Spoiler Review - ANT-MAN begins at 1:01:00
  • Spoiler Review - ANT-MAN begins at 1:19:08
  • Weekend Box Office - (0:00 - 4:17)
  • What We Watched This Week - (4:18 - 33:12)
  • Suggestions of the Week - (33:13 - 1:01:00)

What We Watched This Week

  • Dylan: It Follows, Creep, Lee Daniels' The Butler, Growing Cities, Mr. Robot, Sense8

  • Brian: The Terminator, Insidious Franchise, 7 Minutes, Man of Steel, AMC's Humans, True Detective, Mr. Robot, Ballers, Wayward Pines, Tyrant and MTV's Scream (hate-wathcing).

Suggestions of the Week

  • Dylan: Showtime's THE AFFAIR (Available on Showtime Anytime)
  • Brian: BoJACK HORSEMAN (Available on Netflix)
  • Blake: BLOODLINE (Available on Netflix)

Box Office Showdown Winner

@iFearJohnny (Nick) wins this week's box office showdown with ANT-MAN grossing $58M and finishing #1 (his projection was $61.3M).

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