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The Financial Reports Business Owners Must Examine

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Release Date: 02/04/2019

Estate Planning, with Julie Eisenhower show art Estate Planning, with Julie Eisenhower

Financially Simple Bizcast

Estate Planning is essential for every business owner, having a legal document in place in case the unexpected happens to you or if you are the principle beneficiary of another business owner. In this episode, Justin and Julie go over the differences between Estate Planning for a business owner and a non-business owner, considerations of inheriting a business, co-mingling and giving someone the power of attorney on your behalf.

Introduction to Legal: Is Now the Right Time to Sell Your Business? show art Introduction to Legal: Is Now the Right Time to Sell Your Business?

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Is now the right time to sell your business? Have you planned everything out, prepared your employees and team? Have you considered what happens after? In this episode, Justin introduces the series of episodes that will answer these questions and more, with up coming interviews with professionals and business owners that have gone through the process.

Social Media for Business Owners show art Social Media for Business Owners

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There are a number of different social media platforms each catering to a different age group and or mindset. In this episode, Justin goes over each platform in turn, considering the main user group and demographics of the platforms as well as the form of media used on each, and how to leverage this data to better target your ideal customer.

Social Media & Digital Marketing Misconceptions show art Social Media & Digital Marketing Misconceptions

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Social Media platforms have grown in number and popularity in the last few years, becoming powerful tools for businesses that are able to leverage the opportunities the platforms afford. In this episode, Justin looks at reasons why business owners can be hesitant to utilize Social Media, and explains why they shouldn’t.

5 Trends to Make Your Marketing More Effective show art 5 Trends to Make Your Marketing More Effective

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In recent years we’ve seen the business landscape change as new technology and innovation disrupts how we do business. In this episode, Justin goes over five marketing trends that have become instrumental in modern business strategies.

5 Elements of Marketing show art 5 Elements of Marketing

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Having a business that provides a service or product is one thing, finding the people that the service or product is intended for and telling them all about it so that they’ll buy the service or product is another. In this episode, Justin explains the five key aspects of marketing and their importance.

Financial Readiness show art Financial Readiness

Financially Simple Bizcast

Having gone over all of the aspects making sure that your business is financially secure and ready for when you decide to retire or sell, it’s time to check your own status. In this episode, Justin goes over the checklist of items that you need to consider when planning your retirement or business exit.

Personal Exit Readiness Assessment show art Personal Exit Readiness Assessment

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When planning to sell and exit your business, you should have all the paper work done and dusted - but are you personally ready and capable of leaving it all behind? In this episode, Justin goes over issues that a Business Owner should consider as they prepare to move on to the next chapter of their life.

Is Your Business Exit Planning Ready? Part 2 show art Is Your Business Exit Planning Ready? Part 2

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Knowing the state of affairs within your own business is one of the key fundamentals to having it ready to sell, or to continue running like clockwork in your absence. In this episode, Justin lists more of the matters that require attention - are your affairs in order, or are they in need of improvement.

Is Your Business Exit Planning Ready? show art Is Your Business Exit Planning Ready?

Financially Simple Bizcast

Whether you are looking to sell your business soon, or in twenty years time, it’s important to know the state of readiness of the business so that everything is in order and not a scramble to impress buyers. In this episode, Justin goes over the key aspects to consider when preparing to sell your business.

More Episodes

In episode 127 of Financially Simple, Justin begins his deep dive into having a best in class Finance Department for maximum value growth by looking at the different types of Financial Reports.

Financial Reports can cover different aspects of a business, from income and expenses, to liabilities and equity. As a business owner, it is very helpful to examine and understand these reports to increase the value of your business. Justin goes over the various reports, breaking them down and explaining how each can be useful in understanding a business’s affairs.

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00:22 - What are the best Financial Reports for Business Owners to examine?

01:30 - The Balance Sheet

04:28 - The Income Statement

07:47 - The Cash Flow Statement

09:27 - The Account Receivable Report

12:29 - The AR Day vs AP Day Report

14:27 - The Budget vs Actual Report

15:33 - The Daily Average Sales Report

16:57 -The Operating Cash Flow Report

18:05 - The Net Profit Margin Over Time Report

19:37 - Summary



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