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Introduction to Christian Discipleship (Course Introduction)


Release Date: 06/02/2016

Freddy Cardoza, the host of FREDTalks Podcast is launching Podcast Seminary (PodcastSeminary.com) to help people fill gaps in their biblical knowledge.  The first course is now released (June 1, 2016) with an online version of this course to come soon, followed by church curriculum of this course, which will soon be available at MiniSeminary.com.

Enjoy "Session 0" a brief introduction to the course, then visit PodcastSeminary.com to learn more.


What is Discipleship?  

The word "Disciple" occurs about 250 times in the New Testament.  But what does it mean?  And what does the Bible say about 'being' and 'making' disciples?  For Christians and Christian teachers or leaders who want to drill down on the essentials of the Christian life, this course will help you discover all of those things.  It includes a total of five downloads, with content that could easily be used to equip others in a discipleship setting.  For the individual Christian, this series is the first step in getting serious about the Christian life and understanding exactly what the Christian life is supposed to be.  For the teacher or pastor, this is a tool that will help guide your thinking and practice of disciplemaking.


MINS 120: Introduction to Discipleship

Session 1: The Bible on Discipleship


  • What a Disciple Is
  • Six Key Principles of Discipleship
  • Seven Biblical Characteristics of Good Disciplers

Session2: What Genuine Discipleship Produces


  • Defining and Describing Discipleship
  • How the Old and New Testaments Viewed Discipleship
  • 10 Outcomes of Genuine Biblical Discipleship

Session 3: Discipleship in the Early Church


  • A History of Disciplemaking in the Early Church
  • 7 Reasons Discipleship is Important for New Believers
  • Why Local Church Members Should Be Christians

Session 4: Essential Practices of Effective Disciplers


  • The Need to Disciple and to Be Discipled
  • The Effective Traits of Effective Disciplemakers
  • The Big Three of Biblical Discipleship


What's Included:

The Audio-Only Version includes 4 Audio Sessions in mp3.  The online course will be released soon.


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