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Peace, Love and Positivity: Geeks Talk Cosplay with Banzai Wolf Burger!

Geeks Represent!

Release Date: 10/30/2021

Reach For The Skies! The Undying Western show art Reach For The Skies! The Undying Western

Geeks Represent!

Gun fights. Lawlessness. An inexplicable thirst for justice. When it comes to movies, it doesn’t get much more American than the Western genre. It’s no surprise Western movies and TV shows have persisted even today in various forms. So grab your hats and let’s get into the evolution of the Western. Timestamps 00:00:15 Intro 00:00:38 How Would You Describe A Western? 00:03:07 What Makes Westerns Such An Undying Genre? 00:11:03 What Are Some Great Examples Of Recent Westerns? 00:19:56 What Are Some Bad Examples Of Recent Westerns? 00:21:53 Tropes In Westerns: Protect Kids, Revenge Stories...

Dark Elves But No Black Elves?: A Look At Racism in Sci-Fi/Fantasy show art Dark Elves But No Black Elves?: A Look At Racism in Sci-Fi/Fantasy

Geeks Represent!

It’s no secret that we love fantasy and science fiction in all its forms here at Geeks Represent not only for its entertainment value but for its rich commentary on our society by reimagining our past, remodeling our present or reshaping our future. However, like anything else good created by mankind, it can be perverted by the specter of racial bias from both creators and fans alike and may lead to our cultural destruction if not addressed. So without further ado, let’s take a look at racism in science fiction and fantasy. Listeners, what are your thoughts on today’s episode? Leave your...

Choose Your Fighter! A Look at Martial Arts Films show art Choose Your Fighter! A Look at Martial Arts Films

Geeks Represent!

Today, we’ll be talking about martial arts movies. Sure, here at Geeks Represent, we love all kinds of action movies, but there’s just something about the martial arts genre that gets our hearts racing and adrenaline pumping. So let’s jump kick right into it! Timestamps 00:00:13 Intro 00:00:32 What Is It About Martial Arts Films/Shows That Kicks All The Ass? 00:04:09 How Do You Think Martial Arts Have Affected Asian American Stereotypes? 00:07:59 Awesome Philosophies In Martial Arts Films 00:24:09 Martial Arts Spoofs Like Kung Pow: Enter The Fist and Volcano High (MTV Edition) 00:28:31...

Put Some Tiger Balm On It! People of Color and Medicine show art Put Some Tiger Balm On It! People of Color and Medicine

Geeks Represent!

 If the past two years have taught us anything, it’s that our lives are heavily dependent on our healthcare. We literally can’t live without it! But this doesn’t eliminate an inherent distrust of our healthcare system in communities of color, especially amongst the older generations. So let’s talk about people of color and their relationship with healthcare. Timestamps 00:00:22 Intro 00:00:43 Introducing Jashelle! 00:01:05 Why Do You Think There’s Such A Complicated Relationship Between POC and Healthcare 00:08:32 Over-Reliance Alternative Medicine and Home Remedies 00:15:38...

...But Not Too Black! Colorism in Film and TV show art ...But Not Too Black! Colorism in Film and TV

Geeks Represent!

We’ve talked a lot about race when it comes to casting choices in movies and television. And aside from some missteps, we are seeing more diversity and representation in the last few years. However, things could still be better, especially when it comes to the divisions between light skin and dark skin members of the same ethnic communities. So let’s talk about colorism! Timestamps 00:00:13 Intro 00:00:36 How Does Colorism Differ From Racism? 00:07:57 Examples of Colorism 00:13:57 Do You Think Colorism Discrimination Is Similar for Both Men and Women? 00:19:48 Lack of Black...

Whoa, Deja Vu! Reboots and Revivals show art Whoa, Deja Vu! Reboots and Revivals

Geeks Represent!

Maybe you like seeing stuff you saw ages ago being redone or continuing today. Maybe you feel like some things were great as they were and should be left alone. Either way, if it exists and was successful, you can bet Hollywood’s going to do it over and over and over again for all its worth. Here are our thoughts on reboots and revivals. Timestamps 0:00:14 - Intro 0:00:32 - Definitions of Reboots and Revivals 00:20:38 - what makes a good reboot? 0:31:50 - Reboots done right 0:35:30 - Long Franchise Management  0:38:56 - Do adapations from Movies to TV count as a reboot.  0:50:11 -...

Somewhere Out There We're Sponsored: Diving into the Multiverse show art Somewhere Out There We're Sponsored: Diving into the Multiverse

Geeks Represent!

In honor of Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness, we wanted to talk about the multiverse as it’s portrayed in our favorite fandoms. Don’t worry, most of us aren’t quantum physicists and the only science we’ll be going into is science fiction. So Geeks, grab your portal guns and let’s jump into the multiverse. Timestamps 00:00:15 Intro 00:00:38 What Is The Multiverse? 00:10:13 Ways The Multiverse Becomes A Popular Sci-Fi Concept 00:12:57 Great Stories Involving The Multiverse 00:32:45 What Perspective Does DragonBall Offer 00:45:56 Any Multiverse Stories In The Realm Of...

Now In Technicolor! Groundbreaking Shows For POCs show art Now In Technicolor! Groundbreaking Shows For POCs

Geeks Represent!

 Growing up in the 90s when you turned on the tv at primetime, chances were you’d see very few people of color. For many, it was considered diverse if you had one black guy in the cast if there was one at all. But as time went on, we started seeing awesome shows that reminded us that stories didn’t have to be about white people to be successful. Let’s talk about the groundbreaking shows for people of color. Was there a show you grew up with that you felt was groundbreaking? Please leave it in the comments or review. Timestamps 00:00:15 Intro 00:00:37 Importance for People of Color...

The Fave Four! Winter Wonderland show art The Fave Four! Winter Wonderland

Geeks Represent!

Welcome back to Geeks Represent! We hope you had a great holiday season full of binge-able content. We sure did! Here are our Winter 2021 TV picks that we watched during our break! 00:00:17 Intro 00:00:26 The Witcher (Sean’s Recommendation) 00:12:24 The Wheel Of Time (Darryl’s Recommendation) 00:33:29 Arcane (Joe’s Recommendation) 00:49:46 Clickbait (Marshall’s Recommendation) 00:55:24 Shows That Know When To End like One Piece 01:03:08 Conclusion/Outro Got a favorite tv show from this past winter? Leave a comment on our social media! Thanks for tuning into Geeks Represent! If you've...

 The Last Racebender: The Legend of Whitewashing show art The Last Racebender: The Legend of Whitewashing

Geeks Represent!

At Geeks Represent, we especially value stories told from the perspectives of people of all kinds. We feel it’s incredibly important to not only have these stories told with sincerity but to tell them well through accurate portrayals of people of color. This is why it’s disheartening when instead of taking the opportunity to portray these characters as they were meant to be portrayed, they’re miscast with white actors. So without further ado, let’s talk about racebending and whitewashing in Hollywo

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Here at Geeks Represent, we feel it’s important to support up-and-coming content creators, especially those of color with stories and art to share with the world. And since it is the Halloween season, we thought it’d be fitting to talk about the art form that is cosplay and to introduce to you a super dope artist making waves in the cosplay community. So without further ado, please allow us to give a warm welcome to Banzai Wolf Burger!


00:00:14 Intro

00:00:50 Origin of the Name Banzai Wolf Burger

00:02:04 What Got You Into Cosplay?

00:03:54 What Was Your First Cosplay?

00:04:57 What Fandoms, Characters or Art Are You Following To Inspire You For Projects?

00:05:30 Has There Been A Cultural Shift in Cosplay/Anime? Has It Been A Positive Change?

00:07:05 What’s Your General Process For Choosing A Character to Cosplay?

00:09:12 Thoughts on Buying vs. Making Cosplay

00:10:20 Getting Awesome Deals At Spirit of Halloween After Halloween

00:12:36 Tips For Beginners to Get Into Cosplaying

00:14:34 Tips For Breaking Into the Cosplay Community and Finding Groups to Cosplay With

00:15:23 How Early Do You Plan Ahead For Your Cosplays?

00:16:11 Are There Any Characters From This Upcoming Season That You’re Looking Forward to Cosplaying?

00:17:39 Thoughts On Recycling Cosplay

00:19:58 Do You Ever Cosplay Outside of Cons, Like For Halloween?

00:23:00 What Has Been Your Favorite Experience Cosplaying, and How Was Winning The Squad Up: Suicide Squad Cosplay Contest 2016/Meeting Will Smith?

00:26:35 How Have You Stayed Involved With Cosplay During The Pandemic When Most Cons Were Cancelled?

00:29:33 What Has Been Your Favorite Con To Go To? How Do You Like Small vs. Big Cons? What Cons Would You Like To Go To In The Future?

00:31:45 How Has Cosplay Positively Impacted You?

00:33:20 How Long Have You Been Video Game Streaming?

00:34:48 Lo-Fi Cosplay And Chill Stream With Banzai Wolf Burger

00:37:28 Do You Line Up/Plan Shoot Ideas For Dope Cosplay Photos?

00:40:36 How Can People Reach You? IG, Twitter, Twitch, Facebook

00:41:22 Racial Gate Keeping In The Community

00:43:05 Peace, Love and Positivity

00:46:08 Outro


https://twitter.com/BanzaiWolf_FC Banzai Wolf Burger’s Twitter

https://www.facebook.com/BanzaiWolfBurger Banzai Wolf Burger’s Facebook Fan Page

https://www.tiktok.com/@banzai_wolf_burger Banzai Wolf Burger’s TikTok

https://www.instagram.com/banzai_wolf_burger.fc/ Banzai Wolf Burger’s IG

https://myeverydaylifestyle.com/fashion/2016/7/28/recap-san-diego-comic-con-2106-suicide-squad-up-cosplay-contest SDCC 2016 Suicide Squad Squad Up Cosplay Contest Recap!

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