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280: Why Storytelling Will Increase Your Sales

The Goal Digger Podcast

Release Date: 08/05/2019

If your products could speak, what stories would they tell? Ali Hynek is the CEO and founder of Nena & Co. It began with an appreciation for her Guatemalan culture and exploring the country with her mother, learning about the beautiful handwoven textiles and the people who create them.

Ali is a masterful storyteller. The stories behind each piece of fabric, and every single hand of every indiginous artisan that touches her products, are beautifully communicated to the customer, creating a strong connection that have turned her pieces into cherished works of art. 

She stays true to her “why” and the mission to provide reliable and sustainable income opportunities for the artisans that help create her products, all while building a for-profit business with a heart. This episode is rich with clear, actionable advice for purpose-driven product-based businesses. 

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