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283: Listen If You’re Lonely: Adult Friendships Are Hard

The Goal Digger Podcast

Release Date: 08/14/2019

Are you lonely? Making and maintaining friendships as an adult can be HARD.

My friends aren't just a group of ladies to grab a glass of wine and gossip with -- these women are the people who know my soul, want to hear about my heartaches, and ignite some of the deepest belly laughter and go-get-em inspiration ever.

But finding friends, building these life-giving relationships that fill me up instead of wearing me down? THAT IS HARD. Making friends as an adult is not easy. Can you relate?

If you've been feeling like there's a hole in your relationships and like you need a friend, this is for you. We’re talking about making new friends, sustaining old ones, and all the reasons why your circle matters.

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