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254: The Exact Steps to Turn Knowledge You Possess Into Profits

The Goal Digger Podcast

Release Date: 05/06/2019

You already have what you need to build a course. Now let’s turn that knowledge of yours into profits.

She’s back, my sweet friend Amy Porterfield, because when talking about courses and online education, she’s got a way of walking us through the overwhelming, confusing, and frustrating parts with total ease. We’ve been talking a lot about course building on the show lately… But Amy is here with concrete steps to take what you already know (ahem, because you’re an expert in SOMETHING) and turn it into an income stream.

From the first phase of extracting your knowledge, to building the blueprint that will give your audience results, and how to approach pricing… If you’ve ever dreamed of creating a course, start here.

So pour a cup of coffee, open up that notebook, and get ready to scribble down your roadmap for creating your very own course.

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