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Simon Furman talks about Transformers

The Great Derelict

Release Date: 05/29/2021

Welcome back to theGreat Derelict!

This week the Great Derelict is beaming to you as part of the Lawless Comic Con, and Andy is handing the keys to the Derelict over to Andy Turnbull from TF Nation for an interview with the Simon Furman man behind the highly influential Marvel UK comic series of The Transformers, and what elevated it from a comic originally just meant to sell toys, and the challenge of co-ordinating a weekly UK Series with a Monthly US one.

You can find more from Andy Turnbull and TF Nation here: https://tfnation.com/

And he is on Twitter : https://twitter.com/andrewdturnbull

Simon can be found http://www.wildfur.net/

And on Twitter : https://twitter.com/simonfurman3

And for all the latest from Lawless : http://lawlesscomiccon.co.uk/

And you can find more of Andy and his other casts over at Rogue Two Media