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#230 - Richard Lighthouse

The Grimerica Show

Release Date: 07/01/2017

#530 - Cal Washington show art #530 - Cal Washington

The Grimerica Show

Cal Washington joins us to chat about Inpower and learning how the court system works and how to beat it. We talk about the history of Admiralty and Maritime Law, law Merchant, acting as Commerce, and how we are all Merchants. 

#529 - Meredith Miller show art #529 - Meredith Miller

The Grimerica Show

Meredith Miller joins us for an amazing chat about trauma and abusive relationships, whether that be with the state or authority, personal or familial. We chat about her NDE, dark night of the soul, awakening and learning about abusive relationships. 

#528 - 7th Annual Holiday Fandango show art #528 - 7th Annual Holiday Fandango

The Grimerica Show

We are joined for this 7th annual holiday Fandango by various friends of the show from the chats. We talk about predictions for 2022, some failed jokes, and Contact at the Cabin. We also get into a little bit about the upcoming guests and what people would like to see on the show.

#527 - Grim State - A Story of Occult Synchronicity show art #527 - Grim State - A Story of Occult Synchronicity

The Grimerica Show

#526 - Robert Frederick show art #526 - Robert Frederick

The Grimerica Show

Robert Frederick joins us to chat about his journey down the Bacon rabbit hole, and the research he has done regarding Bacon, Free Masonry, the British Empire, and secret societies. We chat about the Bacon Synchro that got this whole thing started, the scientific revolution, Magic to Science, Bacon’s muse, Shakespeare, the Empire and the City of London.

#525 - Avi Loeb show art #525 - Avi Loeb

The Grimerica Show

Professor Avi Loeb, Ph.D joins us to chat about the future of scientific research on earth and in space to find UFO's. We chat about his book "Extraterrestrial- the First sign of Intelligent Life Beyond Earth", and his new Project Galileo.

#524 - Joseph Disomma show art #524 - Joseph Disomma

The Grimerica Show

Joseph Disomma joins us to chat about hi co-authored book “Dematerialized - The Mysterious Disappearance of Marcia Moore”. We have a great chat about the story of Marcia and why she is not as well known as one would think during this time of focus on the occult. 

#523 - Jim Gale show art #523 - Jim Gale

The Grimerica Show

Jim Gale of FoodForest Abundance joins us to chat about solutions and growing food forests of our own. We chat about the design, the implementation and the benefits of growing food instead of lawns for example. We get into Govern Mente - mind control and during this time more people are waking up - its The Great Awakening. Having Faith and Courage to do what is needed to make these small changes.

#522 - Brothers of the Serpent show art #522 - Brothers of the Serpent

The Grimerica Show

Russ and Kyle of the Brothers of the Serpent podcast join us for a great chat about their recent trip to Egypt with Ben from UnchartedX.  Ben’s tours are focused on looking at the evidence for advanced antediluvian civilizations. We chat about their expectations and what they thought overall. Special permissions are required on many of these spots and we chat about their preferred ones.

#521 - Kimberly Meredith show art #521 - Kimberly Meredith

The Grimerica Show

Kimberly Meredith joins us to chat about her journey to becoming a Medical Intuitive working with scientists to try and measure her abilities. She is a Trance Channeler, Psychic Surgeon, Hands-on Healer, and Spiritual Teacher. After two Near Death Experiences (NDEs) she was awakened to this innate healing gift.

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Interview starts 36:35

Richard Lighthouse joins us and we chat about the “lighthouse” affect - the actual frequency (1.39 Thz) of the Universe. The universe is actually blinking on and off, and matching that frequency could affect time. We chat about scientists looking for a solution between the quantum and newtonian physics, how technology has possibly been developed around this “lighthouse” frequency, what the Seth material says about this. 

We also get into the “Hutchison affect”, 911 and Judy Woods work, and some of our previous episodes like the Electric Universe theory.




In the intro we tease an upcoming episode on Darren’s vacation and Graham’s trip to Red Pill Expo. We read some listener synchro’s, and some feedback from one of our newer listeners. 


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